"The Hand of God" nebula, x-ray image captured by Nasa's Chandra observatory orbiting 360 miles above us.

"Day Four" from "The Creation Series" by Costanza Knight



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"I've lived with several Zen Masters, all of them cats." Eckhart Tolle




The following quote addresses the appearance of orbs in photographs. The quote comes from a channeling session at which the entity Michael comes through the instrument Karen Murphy. (

"As you have surmised, there are a variety of conditions erupting as what appear to be orbs of light in photographs. Some are truly energetic entities that wish to make themselves known in this manner. Some are simply due to bad photography. We would say that the photographic errors reside mainly within the camera's lens and refraction that occurs during the photographic process.

Regarding the totality of photographs that appear to have these qualities we would say that approximately 70% are actual or accidental capturing of the presence of energies, and the remaining 30% would be due to accidental photographic error.

It would be difficult to create, through photography, such an appearance of an energetic being. We would say that the large number of entities wishing to make themselves known in this manner do so to get attention, make connection, or simply to have fun. It is interesting to note that these energetic entities are able to create a burst of presence that results in the appearance of an orb in the photograph. We would say that the majority of you have energetic entities that are capable of doing this within proximity of you. Indeed, there are energetic entities of all sorts within proximity of you. However, most choose not to appear in your photographs. It is not so much what they do in the room that causes this appearance; it is more how they are able to manipulate the camera. Either way, it is again a burst of presence that creates this appearance."

Anyone noticing these occurring regularly may be interested in attempting other methods of contact with these energetic entities. Be aware that many of them will be incapable of communicated with you in ways that result in the formation of words. However, if you are open to it, there are many ways of communicating with such beings."



This is a picture of (L to R) Jesse, Mike and me. This picture was taken on a clear night, absolutely nothing coming out of the sky ( least not in the third density). We were talking metaphysical subjects. Many other pics were taken that night, without the orbs. So there was nothing on the lense. There are many other pics in which the orbs are present. (These pictures were taken with a Cannon Powershot A620 7mp digital camera,) Click picture to enlarge

I put the orb picture through Apple's Aperature professional photography editing program and applied the "Highlights and Shadows" tool. And here is what I found: A multitude of hitherto undetected orbs come to observe the proceedings.


We zoom in on the orbs. They are glowing organically tectured spheroids, each with it's own unique "fingerprint".




In these next two shots, while Jesse does some Tai Chi style stretching, notice what has the "ears up" attention of Chloe (the Carolina Dingo).

(Above) Chloe, Jesse, Deb and Me.


This was taken April 2002 at the Upper Deck establishment in Birmingham, Alabama. Our bartender buddy, John (his real name), is a tad camera shy. Besides the apparition at the bar, check out the ceiling above John. The history of these grounds include a couple of murders at a previous bar.

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This comic strip panel was created after the "Mayan Ascension Cruise" in November of 2005. Lots of inside jokes, but a wonderfull time, despite Hurricane Wilma tossing us around the first night.



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