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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License.

Creative Commons licenses are the way to share your work with a greater number of souls while protecting your copyrights. The process is quick and easy. Any material used on this site and in the podcast are protected when you, the author/publisher, select a license. The license is indicated by buttons on this site like these:

And the license is embedded in the audio of the podcast.

Our third density barter system on this planet is a necessity. In return for the author/publisher's permission of use, there is audio credit in the podcast, listing on the site credit page with link, and placement on the market page with direct link to their wares, all to a seeking audience. And... you are aiding even further in the raising of the consciousness and vibration of Earth.

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Notice  To  Authors

Before the podcast is published, I always attempt to contact, by internet or telephone, the author and/or publishers of any material used in the podcasts. If they say no, I honor their wishes. There are times when I could not make the connection, either could not find them or got no response from them. In these cases, I use Fair Use checklists to determine whether I may use the material. I include here a .pdf file that includes 6 checklists and a worksheet, from different legal sources.

If you inspect these documents, you will notice they are nearly identical in their criteria for judging a question of fair use.



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