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Any audio you have in digital form can be uploaded to this sight by clicking the button above. Some categories for the content include:

Channelings / Audio Books / Book or Article Readings by the  Author / Seminars / Lectures - Classes / Meditations

Record your personal experiences, record your dreams. Our higher selves and our higher density brothers and sisters are sending us urgent loving messages.

Material can be recorded by individuals other than the author and will be included with the permission of the author/publisher.

If you have material recorded on other media (cassette, lp, reel to reel) that you have not converted or do not have the means to convert to digital, you may send it to the address below with return postage included and it will be converted in my home recording studio.

Podcasts of book excerpt readings will be produced in the studio with author/publisher's permission. They may include appropriate background music.


An  Invitation  to

The major concern for all of us on this planet at this time must be to increase the population of Earth's coming ascension into the Fourth Density. For many souls, all it will take for them to excellerate their pace of awakening is exposure to the true nature of creation, a truth that is deeply rooted in their being. Together, we can raise the vibration of all and so raise the vibration of the Earth.

This is a call out to all perveyors of Lightwork. This is the task we have come here to undertake. This instant global communication medium did not come along now by accident. We know there are no coincidences.

Before the podcast is published, I always attempt to contact, by internet or telephone, the author and/or publishers of any material used in the podcasts. If they say no, I honor their wishes. There are times when I could not make the connection, either could not find them or got no response from them. In these cases, I use Fair Use checklists to determine whether I may use the material. I include here a .pdf file that includes 6 checklists and a worksheet, from different legal sources.

If you inspect these documents, you will notice they are nearly identical in their criteria for judging a question of fair use.

This is a .pdf download.

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