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not fracture, there will be no breakage, clean or 

splintered. So it is with your Earth. There are points 
of energy instreaming upon your planet, not only in 

your—we ind this entity calls your illusion third 

density—but also irst density, second density, third 

and fourth, all now activated to a large extent. In 
potential are also far more complex crystalline 

structures which will resonate when the planet 

achieves ifth, sixth and seventh densities. This 

particular planet has not yet done so, however, 
theoretical work may be done by those with the 

technical skill to pursue this ield of study.

Thusly, there are instances where entities may desire 

to remove themselves from a given geographical 
location. In a sensitive entity, this well may be the 

result of an awareness in the deep mind that the 

particular location is not harmonious with the

entity’s nature, or is not a place which is live enough, 
shall we say, for the entity to achieve the maximum 

energy or power from the crystalline structure 

beneath the entity’s feet.

Lest you ind yourself believing in a mechanistic 

universe, we hasten to suggest that each cell within 

the physical vehicle has a great portion of its nature 

hidden in time/space and is in that portion in a 

crystalline structure which is open to inluences from 
other crystalline structures. The greatest of these 

inluences is that inluence of the third-density

entity which has achieved to some degree the 

manifestation in space/time of its crystalline nature
in time/space. Such entities are often teachers, 

healers and leaders, those which serve as the 

watershed over which many entities will move and 

thereby be transformed, or in many cases, speciically 

The mechanical structure of space/time crystals is a 

good tool also, though not as eficacious as the 

crystalline being, for healing both physical and 
subtle or etheric. The use of crystals is an art rather 

than a science, because each entity using the same 

crystal will mesh its points of crystalline energy with 

the points of energy of the crystal itself in an unique 
fashion. Thus, one healer’s crystal may work well for

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