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crystalline structure. Your own planet has such a 

structure. You yourselves are time/space crystalline 
structures. Those among you who learn to heal are 

manifesting in space/time that crystalline structure 

which is the essence of regularized light.

Therefore, light has many inluences upon each 

entity, for the nearer stars and the planets of your 

sun system have regularized time/space properties 

which result in instreaming from planet to planet 
which in turn affect the crystalline entities of third 

density which inhabit the planet. It has often been 

questioned whether the art you call astrology has a 

basis. The basis, in fact, is most dry and scientiic. It 

does not, however, yield to present measurement 
techniques, due to time/space properties inherent in 

the nature of crystalline structures. Thus, the 

orientation of your being at the time of conception 

shall affect the physical parameters of the illusory 
physical vehicle which you now enjoy. The 

orientation of this particular sphere towards the 

cosmos at the time of entry into incarnation has an 

effect over the mental, emotional, and to some small 
extent, the spiritual nature of the entity within 

incarnation, it being remembered at all times that 

each entity, though inluenced within an

incarnation, is as it is, was, and will be, changeless, 

uniied with the Creator and completely whole.

However, in your illusion, you deal with the illusion

of the state of the body and the state or nature of the 

personality. It is, therefore, interesting to observe 
that astrology is in fact the science of the crystalline 

properties of light in time/space, the inluence of this 

upon the planet and the residual inluence of entities 

in a particular place upon the planet of these 
crystalline structures.

The planet itself will inluence entities to a varying 

extent, depending upon the development of 

time/space awareness in the entity as it moves 
through the incarnation, for not all Earth energies 

are the same as one would expect in a crystalline 

structure. Picture, if you will, the gem which is cut. 

If it is not properly struck by the tool which cuts it, 
it will shatter. If it is touched in a place which does

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