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men, that is, not sexually, but in the sense of being 

perfectly uniied in essence so that there need be no 
dissension betwixt biological gender. We return to 

our subject.

Light itself, being alive and being the irst creature 
created of love, forms all that there is. It furthermore 

in its creative freedom surrounds and interpenetrates 

in original form the structures which have been 

created by the inluence of free will upon light.

Thus, all that there is is not only made, mechanically 

speaking, of articulated light, but is also 

interpenetrated by limitless light, which some among 

your students of metaphysics call prana. We have, 
then, a vast array of crystalline structures, for you 

may term each atom an inchoate crystalline 

structure, that is, the active elements are inchoate, 

some being without the need to bond with other 
elements, are themselves articulated. Each element 

has the capacity to bond with other elements and 

form either non-crystalline or crystalline structures. 

The nature of the crystalline structure—that is, the 
window or opening wherein limitless light may form 

an inluence . We must wait while this instrument 

retunes. If you will be patient. We are Yom.

I am Yom. We have instructed this instrument to 
refrain from analysis, and we feel we have a better 

contact now, if the instrument can refrain from 

examining the words it uses. Unlike our ifth-density 

brothers and sisters, we do not have the ability to 
tune to a suficiently narrow band of contact to 

enable this instrument to go deeply enough into 

meditation to lose the fear of speaking about that 

which it does not know. Therefore, the instrument 
must take conscious responsibility for being patient 

with us, as we give word by word that which we 

would that you could hear this evening, as many in 

the group have an interest in the applications of that 

which is called light. We continue.

The crystalline structures within your creation are 

many. Some crystals have properties in time/space, 

others in space/time, others in both. For example, 
galaxies, stars and planets have a time/space

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