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up with any answers yet, we also assume. Remember, 

we greet you in light. Ask yourself what the
attractive power of that which is sent away shall be if 

all things are indeed one. Ask yourself if children

grow up and return to complete a cycle of growth.

We leave this instrument, rejoicing, as do all in the 
Confederations of Planets in the Service of the

Ininite Creator, in the love and in the light of that

one Source of all that there is. We are known to this 

instrument and now to this group as Yom. It has
been enjoyable to speak with an engineer once again. 

We bless you all, even those who are not scientists, 

and leave you. Adonai, my friends.

Sunday Meditation, June 8, 1986

(Carla channeling)

I am Yom. I greet you in the love and in the light of 

our ininite Creator. It is a great privilege to speak 

with this group and we thank you for calling us to 

you. It has been some time since I and my brothers 
and sisters spoke to this group, and we ind that this 

instrument is apprehensive in its ability to be a 

useful instrument for us. However, we ind no 

serious bar against using this instrument, for the 

vocabulary, if not the knowledge, of the instrument 
sufices for our purposes.

We would speak with you this evening about some 

applications of that which you call light. We shall
begin with what may be seen to be a mechanistic 

description of the inluences which light may have 

using various catalysts upon each entity. It is not 

known to your peoples the nature of light, for the 
necessary paradigm for grasping its nature is not 

available to your scientists. It is because of this lack

of understanding that the nature of the crystalline 

structures have never been satisfactorily researched or 

understood by those you call men of science.

We ind this instrument requesting that we amend 

this to men and women of science. We acknowledge 

the correction, realizing that within your biological 
illusion it is not obvious to you that all of you are

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