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galaxy. As you experience night and day, and seasons 
of the year due to rotation, you also experience 

seasons of spirituality due to rotation. These exist 

within the rotation of the galactic system.

I will return to this instrument another time, for he

is becoming fatigued. It is dificult to use control for 

a long period. It is dificult to translate all that I have 

to say to an understandable framework for you, 
because of limitations of concepts. But we will 

continue, and we will attempt to bridge this gap. I 

am Yom. I leave you in His love and in His light.

Sunday Meditation, June 9, 1985

I am Yom. I greet you in the love and in the light of

the ininite Creator Whose number is One. We are 

called to you by the one known as A, and because 
there are so few queries which make sense to a group 

which is not made completely of your scientists

which we may answer, we shall be brief. However, 

the entity known as A wished to experience our 
presence. Therefore, we shall speak briely and then 

dwell with the one known as A, as it is possible our 

vibration may be comforting.

We would speak briely of electricity and gravity.
The energies involved are spiritual and spiritual 

integrated with the ratio of space and time. Because 

this is not understood by your peoples, electricity is 

not understood by your peoples. It is merely used by 
your peoples. Because the spiritual nature of gravity 

is not understood by your peoples, the universe loses 

the unique cosmology which it deserves, that is, the 

cosmology of spirit and consciousness. We use a very 
poor instrument to transfer thoughts of this nature,

for this instrument does not have vocabulary or even 

concept for what we would speak of. However, we 

give you these few thoughts to provoke further 

thought within yourself as to the spiritual nature of 
the physical as well as the metaphysical universe.

You have pondered light, we assume—what light is, 

how light works, and so forth. You have not come

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