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galactic systems with respect to other systems. They 

are separated by several major diameters or less. At 
this relatively close proximity, if the gravitational 

theories were correct, there would be an inluence of 

one system upon the other, creating in a relatively 

short period a combining of the two systems. It is 
therefore suggested that your present theories of 

gravitation are incorrect.

Each system of stars exists in a ield that has a 
gradient in the direction of the minor axis. The

entire thing becomes a large wheel. Within this

wheel we ind many small wheels. These are the 

planetary systems. They also experience this gradient 

and therefore are lat, or within the same plane. 
Although your science is unable to discern the 

numerous planetary systems within the galaxy, if it 

could it would ind them all to be oriented so that

the planes of their rotations are parallel. And this 
plane of their rotation is parallel to the major plane

of the galactic system, which includes its major 

diameters. Each planetary system rotates around its 

central axis. This axis is parallel to the central axis of 
the galactic system. The entire system rotates around 

its central axis. All of this was planned. All of it has 

meaning. All of it has purpose.

You are on a system which is relatively close to the 
outer edge of the galactic system. The angular 

velocity results in a relatively high linear velocity of 

your system with respect to the central axis. This 

linear velocity of your planetary system thereby 
passes you through much more space than those who 

dwell near the center of the galactic system. You are 

moving now from one zone into another, due to the 

rotation of the galaxy. The space transversed by your 
planet and its system is close to the maximum per

unit time that can be appreciated within a system of 

planets within this galaxy. There is a reason for this. 

The reason is that your system is in an early stage of 

evolution, and therefore there must be a long, 
angular path resulting in . I should say a long arc

of experience for your system. If you were dwelling 

much closer to the center of the galaxy, or at the 

center of rotation, there would be no progression 
through space with respect to the central axis of the

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