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Sunday Meditation, January 6, 1974

I am Yom. I greet you in the love and light of our 

ininite Creator. It is a privilege to be with you. I am 

aware of certain things that you wish to know. I am 

Yom. I will tell you what I know of these things.
We are here now, where we are. And we are going to 

be someplace else, at a later time. But both places are 

one place. Each is possible. Each is true. It depends 

on your awareness.

I would suggest that you would observe a bubble at 

the bottom of a glass of water. It is originally smaller 

than when it rises to the top. If you take this bubble 

to an extreme depth, it will latten to a form that is 
lenticular. This is because of the extreme differential 

of pressure. The gradient at that depth is suficient 

to cause this formation. This same gradient exists in 

space. It is responsible for the galactic shape. This 
pressure is external pressure to the galactic system, 

causing a lenticular shape. Within the system, there 

are planetary systems. These systems are within a 

lattened orbit. This is because that they naturally, 
due to this pressure, ind themselves in one plane of 

rotation. All galactic systems are lenticular in shape, 

except for those that are extremely close to other 

systems. The creation has the property of creating 

this shape. If there is suficient freedom of materials 
in the galactic system, this freedom exists; in the 

bubble at the extreme depth, this situation exists.

Now let us consider the cause for the pressure 
creating the shape. If the gravitational theories that 

your scientists support were correct, galaxies would 

be spherical. Suficient freedom being allowed, they 

would coalesce into a simple ball. There is a scheme 
to the Creation that provides for separation of 

systems. There is no inertial expansion of the 

Creation, as many of your scientists believe. There 

are forces holding all bodies in their position. and 

forces causing the rotation of those bodies. These 
forces are external to the bodies. They are not 

generated within the bodies. They are a property of 

the great creation in general, and not an interactive 

force between bodies. Observe the placement of

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