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therefore, we shall have to give you the layman’s 

version of our studied answer to your query which 
was, although awkwardly phrased, an important 

query we thought, and one which deserved, perhaps, 

to be restated in terms of its central question.

That is, is there an order to nature and does it 

somehow coincide with a metaphysical order? We 

feel that this was the question that was attempting to 

be asked, and it is a large subject. First of all, let us 
address the subject of order.

In the sense which most of your measuring devices 

could discover, there is only observed order and not 

true order. In terms of metaphysical order, the 
universe gives certain hints of the nature of this 

order. It does not occur to entities how fragile their 

physical vehicles are and how probable it would be, 

were there not absolute order, for there to be enough 
signiicant variation in the habitat of creatures such 

as yourselves that life would not be possible. One 

may gaze at the starry sky and notice that the light is 

neither imploding nor exploding. The stars remain 
ixed, although, we may note, there is always the 

oxymoron in spirituality. You gaze at the past as you 

gaze at the order of the universal sky. There would 

have to be ininite order, for the Creator is without 

order. Anything that is created is created irst 
because the Creator had a Thought, a Thought of 

Love. It decided to create beings of Itself, so that 

they could exist in illusions, react as free conscious 

entities and send back to that Self that is the Creator 
within that information about the self to the Great 


Thus, the Creator created a principle, a Thought; it 
was Love. Love chose, out of all the ways to create, 

the particle called the photon. Light is your constant 

in a metaphysical way that is not at this time 

measurable by your scientists. The radiance of the 

sun which may physically be measured is notable in 
that it moves in a constant rate of speed. This 

velocity organizes and is the tune of love. It both is 

and moves. It is that which creates space and time. 

As all is a unity, all things within the creation that is 
local are, indeed, fractions of that which you may

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