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I am Yom, and we may comment as follows. It is 

basically correct .

(Tape ends.)

Sunday Meditation, April 16, 1989

Group question: The question this evening, J, has to 

do with the basic sounds, shapes, colors, and 

mathematical equations that are found in nature. Is 

there a fundamental mathematical equation or 
relationship between any, or among all, of the basic 

shapes, the manifestations that we see in everyday 

life within the primal nature environment? Is there a 

correlation between the manifestation? Does it have 
a shape and a sound and a color and a mathematical 

equation that will tell us what it is if we only know

one of those factors about it?

(Carla channeling)

I am Yom. I greet you in the love and the light of

the ininite Creator. We are most pleased to be
called to this group. We have never used this 

instrument. There is a good reason for not using this 

instrument. This instrument is very ill equipped to 

speak in scientiic language. We shall, however, do 

the best we can with this instrument as your subject
is one which, shall we say, we cover when it comes to 

the type of call that comes to Confederation entities. 

We tend, shall we say, to specialize so that each of us 

may learn a somewhat different lesson in service, 
given that we have a certain gift in our culture for

one thing or another. For us, it happened to be that 

science led us to what you would call religion rather 

than religion leading us to science. Therefore, we are 
those of faith who learned through science rather 

than those of faith to whom science may seem to be 

an adversary. Thus, this is our subject and we are 

most grateful to have this call from you. We do 

apologize for this instrument’s paucity of acceptable 
technical vocabulary, for there is much within your 

scientiic jargon which we could use if this

instrument were aware of the words. This 

instrument does not wish to go into trance,

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