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I am Yom. We ind that the analysis of the 

spectrographic qualities is relatively unimportant and 
not related to the crystal’s ability to aid in providing 

healing catalyst. Indeed, to move to the second 

query, the most important portion of the healing 

process is the one to be healed’s faith in the 
possibility of such, combined with this entity’s 

realization of the fruits of the so-called diseased 


Also to be considered of primary importance— 

beyond that of the crystal and short of that of the 

faith of the one to be healed—is the crystallized 

nature of the one serving as healer, for it is indeed 

the case that each energy center within any entity is 
likened unto a crystal itself, and when each center is 

properly balanced, then the one serving as healer 

may channel the instreaming prana or limitless light 

of the one Creator through its green-ray energy 
center and therefrom through the crystal being 

utilized, and therefrom to the one to be healed in 

order that its auric ield might be momentarily 


May we answer further, my sister? 

Carla: No, thank you.

I am Yom, and we thank you once again, my sister. 

Is there another query?

L: I have one more question, and this may be off the 
wall or completely off the mark, and if it is, a brief 

statement to that effect would be suficient. Would

it be correct to state that the individual who is acting

in the role as healer attempts to maintain within 
himself as a crystal a balance of the various spectra of 

light and that the crystal itself acts in the manner of

a capacitor, that the healer attempts to project a 

balanced spectra of light to the individual to be 

healed through crystal, the crystal in the manner of a 
capacitor delays that projection until a balance of the 

spectra has been attained and then allows it to 

project, thereby giving what is intended instead of 

the variations and luctuations which would be 
existent in the human crystal at a speciic instant?

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