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J: Is it true that the Atlanteans did use crystals for 

such purpose of healing? I’ll leave the question at 

I am Yom. This is correct. May we answer further, 

my brother?

J: Were pyramids also used in healing in Atlantis? 

I am Yom. This is also correct, my brother. May we 

answer further?

J: Could we today in modern times learn how to use 

such crystals for healing?

I am Yom. This is correct, and, indeed, many of 
your peoples are presently rediscovering these 

abilities which have always been within the ability of 

the population of your sphere.

May we answer further, my brother?

J: Would the ruby be considered a solidiication of 

the red-ray light?

I am Yom, and we ind that this is much too narrow 

an interpretation of this crystal’s full nature, for

within each crystal, and, indeed, within the ruby lies 

the full expression of the spectrum of light, though
in many cases there is the outer manifestation of one 

portion of this spectrum.

May we answer further, my brother? 

J: No, thank you.

I am Yom, and we thank you, my brother. Is there 
another query?

Carla: Two real quick ones. First, would a 

spectroscopic analysis of a mineral, the colors of it, 

in any way correspond with the colors of the energy 
centers—question number one. Question number 

two, does the healing by the crystallized being, 

without the stone, work just as the healing through 

the stone?

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