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due to their inherent qualities or due to our 

perception and value placed upon those qualities? 
I am Yom. It is more nearly correct to say that their 

eficacy in diagnosis and treatment stems from the 

inherent qualities of the crystal. Yet, these qualities 

are combined with other qualities such as rarity of 
number and size which tend to make the crystals 

quite dear within your economic system of valuing. 

May we answer further, my brother?

L: No, thank you very much.

I am Yom, and again we thank you, my brother. Is

there another query?

J: I have read that the entities of Atlantis have used 

crystals in healing. If this is true, does that mean that 

they used space/time crystals such as the ruby and 

diamond? Or does it mean that they somehow 
tapped the crystals of time/space which were earlier 


I am Yom. The use of the crystal by these entities or 
any who would seek to utilize crystals for healing is 

accomplished by using a third-density space/time 

crystal in such a manner that the aura, as you would 

call it, of the one to be healed would be interrupted 

long enough that the diseased coniguration of
mind, body or spirit could be worked upon by the 

time/space or metaphysical analog of the one to be 

healed. If the one to be healed was able to utilize the 

interruption of its auric ields, and accept the more 
balanced coniguration of mind, body or spirit, it is

at this time that such a healing would be 

accomplished within the metaphysical or time/space 

realms, then to be translated to the manifest 
space/time illusion.

At this time the one serving as healer would then 

allow the auric ield to be closed once again in order 

that the new coniguration of a more balanced mind, 
body and spirit would become a part of the one to 

be healed’s experiential nexus.

May we answer further, my brother?

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