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multiples or repetitions of the afirmation being used 

is empowering? I don’t know if that is clear or not, 
but that is my question.

I am Yom. We may respond in a general fashion by 

suggesting that the repetition of any afirmation is 
likened unto driving the nail deeper into the inner 

conscious awareness in order that the focus of 

attention be irmly afixed to that which is desired. 

May we answer further, my brother?

G: Yes. Then you’re saying the signiicance of the 

decreeing as opposed—with the thought in mind of 

three repetitions, this is not particularly signiicant 

itself, it’s just that repetitions as such will help to 
deepen that state of [openness]. Is that what you’re 


I am Yom and this is correct, my brother. 

G: Thank you.

We thank you. Is there another query?

L: I have one more quick one for the sake of

curiosity. In your discussion, you selected speciically 

diamonds and rubies as crystals that were speciically 

more effective. Is there a speciic area of use that you 
would attribute to each of these two crystals? And if 

so, what are they?

I am Yom. These crystals were selected because of 
their purity of structure and what is seen in your 

illusion as the analog to this purity which is the 

hardness, shall we say, the sureness with which the 

structure is made, thus they lend themselves well to 
the general uses which one who is beginning in the 

study of crystals might begin with. The diamond

and the ruby, then, would offer to the beginning 

student the greater ability to realize effects within the 

preliminary diagnosis of dysfunction and the basic 
treatment of such.

May we answer further, my brother?

L: Yes. Is there a capacity to perform in this manner

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