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[comfort] in speaking as we have spoken. We at this 

time would attempt to answer those remaining 
queries that you may ind the value in asking. May 

we attempt such a query at this time?

L: I’d like to ask a question concerning afirmation. 
Frequently things or conditions which we desire to 

occur may be associated with our illusion and place 

us in a position of advantage in relation to our other 

selves. For example, one might be considered for a 
promotion in one’s area of employment and using 

an afirmation to attain that goal is an act which 

places one in a position of advantage over others 

who are being considered for that position. Could 

you discuss the morality of using afirmation, 
because I have some qualms in that area.

I am Yom. We may note two points of possible 

interest. Firstly, within your illusion you are never 
certain as to whether one position or another is more 

or less advantageous in the metaphysical sense. This 

is determined by those lessons which you have 

chosen to undertake and the services which shall be 
the fruits of those lessons. As to the morality of such 

afirmations and desires, within your illusion it

cannot be said that one act is more or less good than 

another, for indeed these judgments are reserved for 

the point of view that is far wider than that which is 
possible within your illusion.

Secondly, the general nature of the afirmation is to 

speciically focus the attention, the expenditure of 
personal energy which is always at your disposal. 

Indeed, the life pattern itself without such

afirmations of a speciic nature is an afirmation of a 

general nature, for whatever you seek and in 
whatever degree you seek it, you shall eventually 

discover within your life pattern, for it is indeed true 

that as ye seek, ye shall ind. To bend the will and 

exercise the faith by forming them around a spoken 

or visualized afirmation is to make the speciic use
of those powers that are always yours. This is likened 

unto utilizing the scalpel of the surgeon as opposed 

to a more crude technique of achieving the same 


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