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your use in learning the truth in seeking the love and 

the light of the one ininite Creator and in becoming 
more and more a polarized instrument, designed to 

manifest the Creator’s love and light to other beings. 

We thank you for your interest, and as we have not 

said for so long, this is a good group and we thank 
you for requesting information that lies within our 

realm of inquiry. We have not previously contacted 

others in this group with the exception of making 

satisfactory, though limited, contact with the one 
known as A. We shall therefore attempt to make our 

vibrations known to the one known as L and the one 

known as Jim. We would now transfer this contact 

to the one known as L, asking this entity to feel free 

to express inner reluctance if it does not desire to be 
used at this time. We would then make this

vibration available to the one known as L. We are 

those of Yom.

(L channeling)

I am Yom. I come to you in the love and the light of 

the ininite Creator and wish to express to you our 
appreciation for your attentiveness as well as for your 

consistent striving in your efforts to perceive beyond 

your illusion. It is our desire to be of assistance to 

those present whenever possible and we place 

ourselves at your disposal that you may call us as one 
would another self in moments of disquietment or 

confusion. We desire to be of assistance whenever 

possible and will respond if you simply open your

self to our vibration and mentally request our 

We shall now transfer our contact to the one known 

as Jim. We are of Yom, in the love and the light of 
the ininite Creator.

(Jim channeling)

I am Yom, and am pleased to greet you again 
through this instrument in love and in light. We

have quite a bonanza this evening in the utilization

of three instruments, and for this we are most 

grateful. We realize that we have used a good deal of 
your time as you reckon it and your patience and

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