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you and the light that manifests you. In meditation, 

call upon the silence that you may hear the silence 
which speaks of love, and both in meditation and in 

contemplations such as the use of afirmations, offer 

yourself as instrument for the manifestation and 

realization of the limitless possibilities of creative 
light. We may note that while most afirmations ind 

their beneit to people in the mental and emotional 

areas, physical healing is also quite available through 

the use of afirmations which, indistinct or poetic, 
prosaic or wondrously beautiful, nevertheless have 

the intent of focusing the light of the ininite

Creator in such a way that it interpenetrates and 

enlivens each cell of each of your bodies.

Light is used in another way in your language and 

that is as the opposite of heavy. We would end by 

suggesting to you that to be full [of] light is to be 

light, that is, cheerful, joyful and resilient. This is
not, shall we say, a characteristic encouraged by the 

catalyst of your illusion, and we are sure that time 

and time again each inds itself growing heavy. It is 

well, then, to recall the nature of illusion and the 
nature of time/space and its limitless love and light. 

While illusory, it is a far merrier illusion, and is as 

available to you as is the experience of dificulty after 

dificulty that the illusion of third density will offer 


(Side one of tape ends.)

(Carla channeling)

I am Yom. We shall conclude. Therefore, my 

friends, when you discover heaviness within the 

heart, you have a choice. It is acceptable to the 
Creator if you wish to experience the heaviness or 

darkness of the illusion. This informs the Creator 

just as eficiently as any other experience, and you 

are being of service to the ininite Creator whom we 

all wish to serve, by feeling terrible, sorrowful, or in 
any way upset. You may, however, choose to turn to 

some afirmation, one of what you call your jokes, or 

any inspiration which yields realization of light. It is 

without you and within you, interpenetrating each 
cell of your body and your brain and it is a tool for

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