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it, while being ineficacious for another. However,

the more highly evolved crystals such as the ruby and 
the diamond are powerful enough that very nearly 

any somewhat crystallized being may eficaciously 

use the ruby and diamond for the healing


It is to be noted in this regard, that it is well to work,

if one desires this service of healing by crystals, with

the lesser crystals irst in order that one’s technique is 
able to keep pace with one’s power, for there is a

great deal of power in the more articulated crystals,

and it is well not to experiment with the more

powerful ones before having become sensitized to 

energy instreaming by using lesser structures.
The most powerful crystalline structure may be

perceived to be the self. As we have noted, the nature

of each self is consciousness or being which is coeternal, 

shall we say, with love itself. Each of you was
created before your planet was created and shall be a 

being after the planet has become uninhabitable for

third density. Thus, the great tool of light, the one

we recommend to you, is the conscious use of the 
unconscious and almost always sleeping powers of

the crystalline self.

This instrument, and perhaps some of you, have

made light of writers who advocate the use of 
afirmations. We would suggest to you that if one is

not satisied with any portion of the being, it is well

to write or use another’s afirmation repeatedly as a 

way of moving from conscious thought to concept
to light to the sending of that light to the cells of the 

body or the brain or the subtle bodies in order that 

healing at the cellular level may take place. The light 

cannot infringe upon free will, therefore, if the—we
ind this instrument calls the etheric body the formmaker 

body, or the higher self—has prescribed an 

incarnational experience for the body in which one

of the parameters is some physical dysfunction or 

mental dysfunction, the crystalline sendings will not 
cause the change the conscious mind may request. 

This is the only stop against the use of light by the 

self for the self for healing.

Consider yourselves stewards of the love that created

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