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Lecture by Yada di Shi'ite



Yada: To begin at the beginning sounds good, but where life is concerned in what is called the 

matter world, it is almost useless to try to find words to tell of a condition that existed long 
before what is called the birth of form. The basic nature of existence as you know it, is called 

times. Before the form was, there was a condition we may call time.

Aud: Singular.

Yada: Yes, The reason I am using the plural expression times is because the nature of matter is 

what may be called atomic. It is of little use to say that time is vast, because the word becomes 
meaningless when you relate it to times.

A few nights ago I had the pleasure of watching, through this man's eyes, the story of the 

scientific theory regarding times. Here there was much wondering as to why time could not be 
created, or gone back to, by reducing time into divided fractions, and fractions of fractions. 

Were it possible to get absolute time, it would mean that even time itself was a creation.

Aud: Question, Yada?

Yada: Yes.

Aud: Doesn't time begin with the first motion?

Yada: Yes. You see, this first motion is the first fraction. It is not a different matter, and this is 

why your scientists make a big mistake in talking about time and trying to divide it to its utmost 
oneness, because time started by one motion the first motion.

Aud: Could we say that the first motion created positive and negative, and so time? 

Yada: Yes.

Aud: That would be the trinity?

Yada: There comes to my mind the question, out of what did matter come? The only answer I 

know is motion. The matter world was created by three different kinds of motion which created 
what may be called triangular, or three-dimensional matter.

Matter does not exist in something. Matter, so far as the matter world goes, exists in itself, for, 
along with what you call matter, three-dimensional space was created. I think your scientists 

say the matter-world is both limited and limitless, because where matter is, that which is space

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