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your thoughts and understand what the teachers are trying to put forth. So please get 

I wanted to say too that I know there are quite a number of strangers here and I wanted to say 

that these teachers of Mark's use me like a battery and it very often puts me to sleep. So if you 

catch me asleep don't think I'm bored. I'm just doing my little part and this is the instruction the 
teachers gave me. Mark and I are both following their instructions. It seems that I have the gift 

of the gab and I don't feel strange toward my fellowman. I just get up and talk before anybody 
without any instructions how to do it, so I guess that is why I am helping him.

Mark wants me to remind you that you are at an open forum and not here just to listen to his 

teachers. Now, I know that there are many of you in this group that would like to ask questions 
and there will be a microphone for that purpose. The teachers like to have you put your 

questions to them directly, so if you will just raise your hand when the time comes for 
questions, they would like to hear from you, just raise your hand and David will bring the 

microphone to you. These teachers will answer questions on any subject except personal 
questions. They don't advise you when to take a vacation, how to invest your money, or 

anything of that nature, because that isn't their work.

Not that there are not many very good mediums that do this, but everyone has his own type of 

work to do and this isn't Mark's. I wanted to say too, that the manner in which Mark was talking 
a while ago pertaining to church, does not mean that we are not interested in the Christ 

Teachings, for the teachers have talked many many times upon this. It is churchianity that Mark 
was referring to. We are not Atheists, as one defines atheists. We believe very strongly in the 

teachings of the masters. So, I don't want any of you to think that we do not believe in these 
things. In fact, if we didn't I'm sure that we couldn't be doing this work. I'm getting a very 

strong chill now and I know it is not from being cold!

Mark: When I start going into trance, my face goes through some change. I may look as though 
I'm having a fit but it is a very marvelous feeling. I have one teacher that calls himself, Yada di 

Shi'ite. Quite a name. It isn't a name, it's a title and it simply means the spirit life of a tribe of 
people called the Shi'ite Tribe. Well, according to this teacher, he claims he comes from a 

civilization that existed some 500,000 years ago and he says it was a tremendous civilization, 

highly cultured. Well, I've got to take his word for it because I can't go back and look. When he 
comes he starts to speak through me in his own tongue.

It's called the Yu language. The civilization was called Yuga, or vast body. I had, in the earlier 

years of my work here, when this Yada personality started speaking through me, I had the 
wonderful opportunity to sit for a man by the name of Dr. Hans Von Kerber at U.S.C. He was a 

teacher in Modern and Ancient Languages. When I called him on the phone, he said he could 
give me 45 minutes of his time, as he was going away on a vacation. When we went to his 

home he brought a recording machine and some tapes, because I did not think I was going to 
go into trance and have my teacher, Yada, speak to him in person.

But as we were setting up the machine my teacher said to me clairaudiently, "I wish to speak to

this man in person." So then I asked the doctor if he would permit me sufficient time to let my 

teacher take control and talk to him and he said that would be quite all right. It ended up by us 
having a 5 hour session with him. Dr. Hans Von Kerber spent 7 years as a tibetian monk. He is a 

man about 76 years old now. He said he was able to communicate with Yada in 4 different 

tongues mixed together, such as Inca, Mayan, Hundustani, and Chinese. Quite a 
conglomeration! But anyway, when Yada comes tonight, which I know he will, because he does 

almost always, he will first speak in his own tongue and then he will revert to English...

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