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talking to people about science and philosophy, and telling of life as they see it. We had no idea 
that it would be anything but sitting there at home and having a few people come in once in 

awhile. As time progressed though, we found that we were to travel all over and it has been 
wonderful, believe me.

Each day that passes has been a new experience for Mark and me. The teachers do not tell us in 
advance what is to happen. After it is over, they would tell us this experience was to learn and 

they would tell us. So we are completely unaware of what our life is to be.

Mark: I just wanted to say that Dr. Layne, who is my mentor in this work, who my wife 
mentioned just a bit ago, did not expect or want this work to become what he called a popular 

thing. In other words, he didn't want me to take it out to the people and he was greatly opposed 
to it, until one morning about 6 o'clock he called me on the phone and said, "I had the strangest 

experience at 4 o'clock this morning. I was shaken awake and a voice said to me I want you to 
have Mark and Irene take this work out to the people and to the different parts of the United 

States, and eventually they hoped to carry them all over the world". That was a bit shocking to 
him, as he called me at 6 in the morning to tell it to me. This work is really an amazing thing to 


I never get accustomed to it. In doing this work I am not trying to demonstrate survival, or 

necessarily what is called spirit communication, because I don't completely understand what is 
going on myself. Mind is a tremendous field and few of us, even the experts in psychology and 

psychiatry have even done more than scratch the surface of it. All I am trying to do in this work, 
is to let go and let my teachers, whoever or whatever they are, communicate with you here and 

then you must be the judge of what may or may not be happening. In other words, I'm not a 
spiritualist nor am I of any other religious belief. In trying to the best of my ability, to let those I 

call my teachers bring to you what they call TRUTH, whatever that may be. YOU MUST JUDGE it 
for yourself. Whatever conclusion you come to, that is perfectly all right with me. I have no 

argument about survival, communication or anything of that nature.

Irene: Sounds as though he is ancient doesn't it? But he isn't.

Mark: Time to me rushes on madly and I have spent many years of my life before I got into this 

work, wondering what life was all about. It didn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to me. 
When I was a child, I had to go to church and Sunday school, because my folks were very 

religious. But after I reached 15 I ran away from home and roamed around the world quite a bit. 
Then, when I was 26 I tried going back to church again to see if I had missed something. I 

spent several years going from one religious teaching to another and one church to another. I 
finally gave up, because I couldn't find what I wanted. Whatever that may be. Maybe I, myself, 

don't even know, but I finally got into this work, I found something that to me was really 
worthwhile. I've always said that it is the only good thing I have ever done.

Irene: There is one thing about our lectures that I find don't coincide with the majority of 

lectures that are given. (I was just speaking to this lady in the back. I wonder if she wouldn't 
like to go upstairs and perhaps get a better seat. I know there are seats up there) These 

lectures are carried on very informally. We don't write our lectures down or memorize them 
before we speak to people. I find that what I feel sincerely within me, I don't have to write 

down. If I am sincere in what I am doing, I don't need anything to prompt me. We may make

grammatical mistakes and interrupt each other, but it doesn't seem to make too much 

difference. The important thing is that the teachers are not interested in whether you believe in 
the phenomena. The phenomenon of Mark going into trance is not truly important. You see 

every time, they, the teachers come. The important thing is whether they say something that is 
of use to you, so that life will be more harmonious for you.

I notice that there are many of you people looking this way and that. It is rather difficult to see 

Mark up here I know, he being a little shorter than the usual person. So if you will move your 
chairs and be more comfortable, go ahead. When Mark's teachers come, it isn't unusual for 

them to lecture an hour and a half before they leave, and another teacher takes over very 
shortly thereafter. And to sit with your head crooked or your neck strained for an hour and a 

half, causes one to concentrate upon the body and not upon what is being said. You can't divide

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