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All lectures were re-typed or scanned and minor corrections were 
made in the syntax of the language in order to make them easier 
to understand. The original text and style has been maintained as 

much as possible. The lectures still have the Yada Flavor...

... Introduction of the Probert Team ...

( From one of the Lectures )

MC: Good evening. It is certainly encouraging to see such a full house after so many cards that 
were sent out, because I know it will be an evening you will feel is well spent and one you will 

not forget. Mark Probert has been a transmedium for about 12 years with the assistance of his 
wife, Irene. I can assure you it was a most stimulating and interesting meeting we had the other 

day with these teachers of the Inner Circle. I want to remind all of you about the next meeting 
Mark will be having in the city before he leaves this coming Wednesday the 21st. It will be here, 

downstairs in the board room at 8:15 p.m. So those of you who can make it, I am sure you will 

want to after experiencing this evening. So without further comment, I want to introduce Mark 
Probert and his wife, Irene Probert.

Mark: Good evening friends. (Clapping by audience)

Irene: I want to say that it is very wonderful to be back in Detroit and meet so many of our 

close friends and so many new friends. Before we go on, I want to mention about this little 
pamphlet, I want to put it down so I will mention it first. Some of you people have received 

them. They pertain to a book that was dictated to Mark by his teachers clairaudiently. For all 
those who do not have one of these we will be happy to give you one. They will be here on the 


Do all of you people hear me? (Aud. Yes) I have been told at so many of our lectures that the 

people that haven't had the privilege of listening to Mark's teachers before, would like very 
much for me to give them a brief description of how this all started, so I'll tell you...

This was all more or less a wedding present to me. A month after Mark and I married, I was 

awakened several nights by hearing him talk in foreign languages. I had had some experience 
listening to people speak foreign languages, for I had been a teacher in citizenship at one time. 

After this went on for a week I told him about it and he was surprised and laughed and said he 
wasn't even able to speak the King's English well and certainly couldn't speak all these foreign 

languages that I was talking about. For 3 years this went on without any explanation of what 
this talking was all about. Of course, I, not having had any experience in paranormal psychology 

or the field of paranormal, thought he was really speaking in his sleep, in his dream state.

After this 3 year period, Mark was introduced to an investigator in paranormal psychology, Dr. 
Meade Lane of San Diego. He told Mark that he thought he was a trainee medium and just 

wasn't aware of it and that he would be most happy to come over to our home and carry on 

some experiments. Through these experiments, in fact, the first day he came over he had Mark 
sit as he is now and in a very short time, Mark said he felt as though he was losing his 

equilibrium, and suddenly he felt a very wonderful thrill of elation go through his body, and he 
went to sleep and woke up about 45 minutes later. And, believe it or not, the first individual that 

spoke through him, spoke perfect English! After 3 years of foreign languages this was quite a 
surprise to me.

As time went on, these teachers told us that our work was to be this type of thing, that is they 

told us he was to talk to people and more or less give them, the teachers, the opportunity of

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