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... Gerardus is pleased to Present ...

! Yada Speaks - People Listen !

Yada di Shi'ite

( Gema Shima Hadi )

Gerardus about Yada:
More than thirty years ago, when I began to open one eye, I was reading a book that had a few 

pages of Yada's words. Almost immediately I established contact with the people who channeled 
Yada. That was the most blessed move I ever made! In my estimation, Yada is one of the great 

Masters around and he still inspires me when I think about him or go through his lectures. So 
during the next five years, I read many lectures from Yada that were channeled in the Fifties 

and Sixties by a man called Mark Probert. Mark and his wife Irene traveled to many places in 
the USA and they produced hundreds of 20 page lectures about Life, about Mankind, about 

Awakening and about the Light...

This is why I often mention: The Infinite Light - TIL - The Light We All Are! In the late 
Seventies, there were very few people who were awake and I had a hard time finding someone I 

could speak to, about Yada or The New Age Philosophies. Good thing that this has changed 

drastically. I am glad that I still had some of Yada's lectures and no doubt Yada is one of the

oldest Masters on the Net now as well. It makes him present in all dimensions - including in 
CyberSpace of planet Earth...

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