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Lecture by Yada Di Shi'ite



Yada: Tonight I will go on talking about the first session we had, so I go back to the remarks on 

the body of a receiving center getting what is called external impressions. There is much 
phenomena about this because all the nervous system - what you call the senses - receives are 

impressions by vibrations that create similar vibrations on the nervous system as, for instance, 
sound to carry on a conversation. The inner nerves of the ear translate sound vibrations into 

ideas, thoughts, and does this more through the feelings. The sounds set up a feeling within the 
body. Now, if one is conditioned in a particular way according to the environment in which he 

has been raised, the sounds will create very different feelings for that one, than the same 

sounds will create in another who has been conditioned in another environment. Yes?

Reynolds: I take it, then, that any external influence that a person experiences is blended with 
what is within that human being already.

Yada: Is so, - the external experience stirs up all that he is already.

LaB: Does this all that he is already, take in only the physical experience, that is, the 

chronological experience, the last incarnations shall we say, or does it also go deeper than that, 
to the previous memory pattern, etc?

Yada: Yes, it goes deep.

LaB: The sum total of all past experiences.

Yada: Yes, and it touches on it on various levels. Many of these feelings he gets, have to do 
with the experience patterns he has had in all lifetimes and of which he is totally unaware. To 

make this clear - a present impression may reach deep into the unconscious self (if we may use 
the word subconscious within its real meaning) and bring up, not memory patterns as such, 


Reynolds: The summation of the memory patterns.

Yada: Yes. He does not know he has had these experiences. He does not know what these 
memory patterns are. He has no conscious awareness of these per se and in this time, but these 

very sounds will touch upon various memory pattern systems of his past lifetimes and up until 
this lifetime, into the present moment and then back down into childhood, hitting on memory 

patterns of prenatal life. When you talk with one another, it is like a great musician playing on

many tones called harmonics. 

LaB: Chords.

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