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Yada: Is so. He loses attention, loses awareness of his creation and becomes aware of himself 


Aud: And it is very difficult then for him to get back into the feeling of creating again. In the 

physical, he loses contact with his creation.

Yada: Because why? Because he has pulled all the life of the creation back into himself again.

Aud: Yes.

Yada: Back to the center. In creation the point is the circumference, and sometimes the 
circumference is very big and when it snaps back to the point it is very shocking. (Yada 

withdraws and returns after an intermission.)

Yada: I mentioned the creator becoming aware of himself again and no longer aware of his 

creation but I wish to make a point here. You must not think that the creator became aware of 
himself or of the distinction of sex gender. This is not so, of course. It had no self-awareness. To 

have self-awareness there must be the ability to think of yourself, and the self must be 

something different again than the thought. Do I make it clear?

Aud: Yes, Yada. I think that you could have an analogy, if I may say so. You have light and dark 
shades in a picture and this is how come there is a picture. You have to have within it, 

differences to make it be itself, and there has to be a right and a left, a positive and a negative, 
or male and female, and this type of thing. Is this what you are talking about?

Yada: Yes, and so it actually loses consciousness of itself because there is no awareness in self. 

When an individual says, I am self-aware, he is speaking about his physical, emotional self. He 
is creating an identity. It is like the difference between saying, I am, and I am I. There is only 

awareness of I am, but no I am I. No identification there of the second self called I. Do I make 
myself clear?

Aud: Yes.

Yada: This again, is a very difficult thing for the I am I sense to grasp.

Aud: Mark has described to us, Yada, the condition he finds himself in, when you take control of 

his body. He says he is just aware of being.

Yada: Being, just being with no secondary something called I. The name of the creator is not I 
am but only AM. When you understand this, then you see everything is saying one thing only - 

AM. It is marvelous when you can understand this. It brings us less feelings of worry and 
anxiety for, you see, there is nothing to be anxious about. AM is the one and the whole of it. 

This is the state or condition one must enter into if they make such practices in Yoga, the AM 
state. They lose the personification of their second sense called I. But in that state, in the AM 

state, All is in perfect balance.

Aud: Could you say, Yada, that in the I am state, as when you are painting, no sense of I am or 

of being is there?

Yada: Yes, When you make I, you create duality - sometimes called I, and secondly, something 
called the creation.

Everything is done by energy. That which human beings call thinking, even the most 

rudimentary form of it, takes energy. This should tell us that all creation is energy. But I do not 
like the word energy. To use energy we must first have not energy. Is so. Energy, so far as the 

bodily functions go, is the basic blocks of what is called thought.

Thought, again, as far as the physical world goes, is reactions to one's experiences. Here begins

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