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Irene: I feel, Yada, that there are reams and reams of material already compiled for the lay 

mind, and when the lay mind is ready for this material we will have it ready for them.

Yada: Yes, your more scientific minds will grasp this, and your scientific minds will think of it 

mathematically more than they will by words. There is one thing that, when you talk of the basic 
nature of these things, you cannot talk in words about them. That's what makes it difficult to 

speak like this. There are no true words - you have not created them.

Aud: An adequate vocabulary. 

Yada: This is so.

Aud: Yada, going back to the prototype of form in absolute space, do we not have an analogy of 
this in the seed of a plant?

Yada: Yes. Here is the secret, if I may call it that, of the different forms. There is nothing, so far 

as the eye can see, in the seed that resembles what a plant is going to be like. It knows every 
little line that it shall create to make a special kind of needed form. It is even in the pattern 

what is going to happen to that form. It has this already in it while it is still a seed. To say it lies 

there in thought does not, naturally, give you a complete picture of how it is there, or what is 

Now comes the formation of planets out of this one large atom or mass of energy. For a long 

time - how long? To say a billion years - seven and a quarter billion years it took your galactic 
system to come into being - is not to understand what you are saying because time is one thing 

and times in another. How are you going to measure the beginning?

Aud: I think, to do that, we would have to go back and determine when mind-substance 
originated in the first place, and that is un-thinkable.

Yada: Is so. It may appear that the sun is one thing and man, or life here on your planet, in 

any form, is something else. But this is not true in speaking of it in another way of thought. It is 

said that God gave His only begotten Son that man should not perish from the face of the earth. 
This is what is meant, from the face of the earth, for, without the sun, there could be no life 

upon the earth.

In the beginning was thought. If you call it God then you cannot comprehend it, and it leads you 
to an attempt to defy it.

Aud: We try to personify it.

Yada: Yes, and this leads to worship which is a purely emotional approach. The Beginner, the 

Puppeteer needs no bowing down to. Everything in it (which we may call the seed of creation) 
was there. Everything that happens or does not happen to either humans or anything else in the

created world, was already there, in the central field, or sun. Consciousness which was not 

conscious of itself as being different because, could it think upon itself, it would create duality, 
which is what it did in creating form.

That which is called the human animal is the highest, most complex body thought created. It 
created it in this particular manner in which the human body is, so as to become conscious of 

itself. To not only be the thinker but to be able to think upon the thinker, this is called self- 
awareness. The human body has it because it was designed for it over vast periods of time in 

which it sought to find what may be called a suitable from to mold itself in, and it is all because 
of brain and spine. Yes?

Aud: It appears that by mind developing this very complex body, it also develops itself, and as 

it develops itself, it requires a still more complex body to express itself.

Yada: Is so.

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