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Yada: Is so, is so.

Aud: Because as soon as it becomes curved it becomes relative space.The space outside of the 
Ring-Pass-Not is a straight space that is known as absolute space while the space within the 

Ring- Pass-Not is curved, or relative space. Relative space is curved while absolute space is 


Yada: Yes, and it is in relative space that form is created and is called sensory form. 

Aud: Yes, That is what you would call the prototype of the form? 

Yada: Yes.

Aud: And that would be a static thing?

Yada: Yes.

Aud: And it does not get into action until the space becomes relative?

Yada: Is so. It is very difficult to think about it, not to think about, to think above.

Aud: May I interrupt here?

Yada: Yes.

Aud: I would like to ask Mr. Reynolds to tell me again what a Ring-Ring...?

Reynolds: Ring-Pass-Not.

Irene: Ring-Pass-Not. I have never heard of this.

Reynolds: Mead Layne used to talk of it when he was here.

Irene: I didn't comprehend what he was talking about.

Yada: This is it.

Irene: Yes.

Yada: Where did you learn this?

Reynolds: From Dion Fortune's book, The Cosmic Doctrine.

Yada: Oh!

Reynolds: She says there are three rings. There is the Ring Cosmos, the Ring-Pass-Not, and 

the Ring-Chaos.

Yada: This is true.

Reynolds: But these are trillions of miles across.

Yada: Is so. Very difficult to grasp. What we are talking here tonight is, I suppose, is not for 

Irene: I don't think it would be possible for you to talk upon something that would be for 


Yada: No, I think not. What I mean is, it is not for the lay mind.

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