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from it.

Your scientists, even in your present day, are debating whether the universe came from one 
large atom. The question is, if you ask this question, how large? How large do they mean? As 

you know, large and small are relative things, or conditions.

What I would say is that, in a manner of speaking, this is erroneous. A node of what is called 

matter arose up from non- matter, or a different frequency. This node was many, many (if you 
wish to measure it) trillions of miles across, and it was more in the shape of a lens. This, after a 

given length of time, started to break up. It broke into rings. It broke up first by shrinking. The 
shrinking was not a quiet thing, but a very explosive thing. Then, after it reached a much 

smaller size, it exploded most violently, creating what may be called a dwarf star, or sun. These 
rings then became suns. Part of them, breaking loose, created wild bodies that you call comets. 

This forming of a solar system, and before that what is called a galaxy, took place during 
centuries of time in different points in what is called space. A motion over here in space will 

affect a body over there which may be trillions of miles from you, and set up a kind of psychic 
force that eventually creates another body if it is not there already.

Aud: This is through harmonics?

Yada: Yes, I think that your scientists say the electron is everywhere-present. So it is, because 
the motion of one electron is going to either pull another electron to it, or to create one that it 

can pull to itself. A little later, it will form a miniature galactic system. This miniature galactic 
system - you may call it the atom. It is very much like the galactic system in the cosmic realm. 

Do you understand?

Aud: Yes. It seems that the pattern is pretty much the same. The only difference is the extent 
of it.

Yada: Yes, only...

Aud: The form to make the basic pattern is the same. It differs in quantity and in quality. 

Yada: And relatively different in what you call size.

Aud: Yes.

Yada: Again we go to your Christian Bible. In the beginning was the word, and the word was 
with God, and the word was God. It is like saying, In the beginning was good, and good was 

with good, and the word was good, good meaning balance.

Aud: Just from the word angle, could you say harmony here, Yada?

Yada: Yes.

Aud: And from harmony, harmonics. Everything in balance.

Yada: This is so. So again the word is harmonics. What it means is the matter-world. Seven 

octaves then created fourteen octaves; fourteen octaves then created twenty-eight octaves.

Aud: You know, Yada, this is important to us because we operate under two measurements.

One we call geometric progression, the other arithmetical progression. You know you have your 
seven and fourteen and you jumped to twenty-eight. You skipped a step there or was it 

arithmetical computation, 7, 14, 21, 28? It might make a difference.

Yada: In many ways what you say is true because from each one comes sevens and sevens, 
and sevens and sevens. Every time seven is created you get multiplications of those sevens.

Aud: I see. Outside of the Ring-Pass-Not, that is a different kind of space?

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