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is, but basically space is a thing of consciousness, of consciousness that is making reference to 
itself. This is very hard to think of. This is why you do not yet have, in your world, words that 

can give a true picture of the composition of space, or a nearly true picture of the nature of life. 
The moment you try this you are making different sounds and, where creation is concerned, 

sound is working to create or to keep matter creating itself. By sound I do not mean that which 

is heard by the sense of vibration, but what other expression can we use?

Aud: Vibration?

Yada: Vibration is the result of motion. Motion then becomes matter, three-dimensional matter. 
In your Christian Bible it says, In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and 

the word was God. Yes?

Aud: Yes, that's right.

Yada: The word sound. Sound is motion, is matter. Now I wish for you at any moment, 
whatever I say that is not to your understanding and you have ideas of your own about it, you 

correct me, please.

Aud: Yada, I do not mean this to correct you, but there are people who think that sound exists 

only in relationship to it being heard.

Yada: Yes, that is true, but the sound I speak of has nothing to do with what the ear can hear, 
but with the octaves much higher.

Aud: Could this be classified as being ultrasonic?

Yada: Yes, and a little bit more, but you can use it so as not to get too fancy with words.

Aud: Yada, so likewise with motion. Motion is something again of which we, through our senses, 

seem to have an idea. To us, of course, we are aware of motion as a creation, only in as much, 
as we can sense it or can measure it. But you are talking about matter at the beginning as 

motion, or as matter beyond that which we can measure.

Yada: Yes, and these lines of vibrations should I call them lines, or perhaps eddies, or vortices? 

These make what you call psychic or mental filaments, or web-like structures, which, in its 
particular field of motion, grasps minute pieces together not really together but created or 

grown up out of these lines of motion. Do I make this clear?

Aud: Yes. The fields of energy are gathering vortices together.

Yada: Yes.

Aud: The circular field of motion has a tendency to draw other parts of mind-substance into it.

Yada: Yes, now you see the difficulty in talking in a purely scientific way about the atom. You 
cannot do it. You have to, somewhere, make reference to creation from the metaphysical 

approach. The view that your world exists only in physical form, as you know it in your world, is 

up against a wall regarding creation. You know how to use what is around you, but you do not 
know its origin, and not knowing its origin has driven the unknowing to all manner of fantastic 

stories about gods and devils and the contest between dark and light forces. This contest 
between dark and light forces is simply a marker in various degrees of congealing, or expanding 

and forming into larger and larger pieces. I think perhaps, in your world, you have learned to 
make a vacuum as far as you can get a complete vacuum, which is not a truly complete one, by

using one of these machines you have for whirling.

Aud: Centrifuge?

Yada: Centrifuge. You can whirl space and get matter from it, from almost what you call a void, 

by whirling it. You set up a vortex motion in a dimension that is not matter and bring matter

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