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 The densities are organized into an eight-fold ―octave‖ similar to a musical octave, 

the electrons around atoms, or the visual light spectrum. There are many octaves in 
each category.

At each of these levels consciousness works with these energies and builds itself vehicles of 

varying densities in order to experience its lessons. As consciousness expands, its vehicles 
become increasingly complex, combining many different densities.

The lowest density is at the level of consciousness of atoms, molecules and electromagnetic 

phenomena, of rocks, and of energy circulating in acupuncture meridians, generally called 
Ki, Qi or Chi. We gain Chi from chemical changes such as the oxidation of nutrients. 

Physical objects such as atoms are compressed or densified etheric energy.

The second density or life-force level provides the consciousness and energy that forms a 
matrix which organises the chemicals and energies of the first density into living biological 

entities such as cells and microbes. It is the density of biological growth. Life-force is 
originally supplied to us by sunlight, and was called Orgone by Wilhelm Reich, and Od by 

Karl von Reichenbach. The life-force in the air was commonly called Prana. In concentrated 
form it is our sexual energy and the main energy of healing. The Taoists called it Ching or 

Jing. Plants, animals, and ape-man or primitive humans operate at this level of 
consciousness within group souls.

As humans we have become individualised with self-awareness and operate mainly at the 

third density, that of emotions, forming relationships and building societies. Presently 
humanity is at a high-point of individualisation with a strong focus on self, selfish motives, 

and behaviour that stresses relationships and our social fabric. This in turn activates the 
opposite forces of promoting a new group consciousness at a higher level with cooperative 

values. Therefore, spiritual humans are now at the verge of moving into the fourth density 
with the energies and consciousness of the heart chakra.

According to the Ra channelling the normal human life-span in third density is about 900 

years. It is supposedly so on some other third density planets in our galaxy, and was so in 
the beginning for selected human societies on our planet. The precondition for such a long 

life-span is a spiritual life in a harmonious society. With increasingly disharmonious, ego- 
centred and war-like conditions, life-spans soon shortened on earth to our present numbers 

and often even much less.

Many religious and philosophical traditions, such as the Hindu Vedas and Greek mythology 
have the concept of four different ages - golden, silver, bronze and iron, with increasing 

severity and shortened lives in the iron age in which we are supposedly living at present. In 
contrast during the golden age peace and harmony prevail, humans live to a very old age 

with a youthful appearance, eventually dying peacefully, with souls living on as guardian 
spirits. After the iron age another golden age is expected to start. Even Christians, based on 

Revelation 20:4-6, expect a Millennium of peace and prosperity to start soon with the second 
coming of the Christ.

Presently there is a widespread expectation in spiritual circles that humanity is on the verge 

of moving to the next higher level of spirituality, from the present iron age to a new golden 
age. This is expected to involve a tumultuous transition period lasting for about 20 to 100 

years with gradually decreasing severity. As humans open their heart centres this will then 
gradually lead to greatly increased life-spans at the next density level.

All the quoted sources - Edgar Cayce, Rudolf Steiner, Theosophy and the Ra channelling 

agree that the spiritual part of humanity will ascend to the next higher level of the fourth 
density. We will regain our soul powers, reunite our sexual qualities into one androgynic 

body type, and start to move back towards cosmic consciousness. We will be less reliant on 
producing foods, our nutritional and material needs will be easily met because our new body- 

structure will not be so needy or vulnerable to physical dangers. We will also regain our soul 
powers to control and guide the forces of Nature. But as always, there will be challenges to 

be met to move to the next higher level.


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