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such as Krishna, Buddha and Jesus, have incarnated to guide humanity towards the next 

level of spiritual evolution. Predictions are that we are now in the process of developing the 
fifth root race body.


The term "density" is here used with the meaning of "dimensional level". It refers to the 

general state of consciousness at a certain level of existence which determines how "solid" 
objects at that level appear to us. In order to understand the principles of working with 

energies and where we are in our evolution of consciousness, and where we are heading, I 
need to give a short explanation of this concept of densities.

Initially consciousness moves in a downward stream of creation from the highest or divine 

level to the lowest level or that of etheric energies and subatomic particles. Then gradually a 
stream of evolution emerges and the arrow of time begins with consciousness rising through 

the various densities back to the highest level.
At the first or lowest level of creation, consciousness has the lowest density but manifested 

objects, such as rocks, have the highest density. At the seventh or highest level, 
consciousness has the highest density but manifested objects such as thought-forms or 

ideas have the lowest density.

In all there are seven major density levels corresponding to the vortexes of the seven main 
energy centres or chakras in the seven human energy fields. Each of the seven main 

densities is again divided into seven sub-densities. In addition we have an incoming white 
light of infinite or divine energy entering at the top of the head. This is split up into different 

coloured rays, each ray vibrating at a different density and being used by a different energy 
centre or chakra.

The lowest, red-ray or first chakra at the base of the spine channels etheric energy. It 
maintains our etheric body out of which the physical body is precipitated. It relates to 

the adrenal glands, the kidneys and the spine.
The second, orange-ray or sexual chakra in the lower abdomen works with vital or 
life-force energy. It corresponds to our individualised nature, our body feelings and 

emotions, to the gonads and the reproductive system.

 The third, yellow-ray or solar plexus chakra corresponds to our emotions at a social 
level, in relationship to others. It relates to the pancreas, liver, gall bladder, stomach 

and nervous system.

 The fourth, green-ray or heart chakra corresponds to our higher or spiritual feelings 
and emotions, in particular to compassion and unconditional love. It relates to the 

thymus, heart, blood and circulatory system.

 The fifth, blue-ray or throat chakra corresponds to open and honest communication, 
wisdom, the ability to create, and the formation of a light body. It is the first master 

level. In the body it relates to the thyroid, the vocal cords and lungs.

 The sixth, indigo-ray or brow chakra corresponds to the full integration of 
unconditional love with wisdom. It is the density level of the High Self. In the body it 

relates to the pituitary gland.

 The seventh, violet ray or crown chakra corresponds to the pineal gland, to inflowing 
divine energy and to the density level of preparing to merge with the Divine.

Each chakra consists of seven chakra vortexes of different densities nested within 
each other. We commonly see or work only with the chakras in first and second 

density. The higher levels are sealed and open gradually with sufficient spiritual 


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