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spiritual entity that manifested as Amilius and Lilith also initiated other famous soul splits like 

that of Adam and Eve, Hermes and Maat, and Jesus and Mary.

Even though souls had incarnated in androgynic bodies, they tended to accentuated one 
sexual aspect. Feminine was the predominant aspect during the Lemurian period. It was a 

time of Matriarchy. This now started to change in Atlantis where males gradually became 
more dominant. Nevertheless, even after the split the androgynes, despite now being in 

separate male and female bodies, continued for a long time to propagate by creating 
offspring through joint male-female mind projections rather than by copulating like animals.

In later mythologies Lilith was sometimes regarded as a goddess but more often as a 

demoness. According to some Hebrew scriptures Lilith was the first wife of Adam. However, 
she was disobedient, refusing to lie beneath Adam during intercourse as she regarded 

herself as being his equal. It is characteristic of civilizations where women are treated as 
chattels that they must adopt the submissive recumbent position during intercourse. After 

Lilith flew off in a rage Adam complained to God (Yahweh/Jehovah) who was then 
compelled to create the more cleverly seductive Eve as Adam's next companion.

This wilful disobedience and remaining beyond male control then made Lilith evil in the eyes 

of Hebrew priests and early Middle Eastern Societies. She was perceived as posing a 
constant threat to the divinely ordered state of affairs as defined by male priests. Lilith came 

to represent the deeper hidden fear that men have of female sexuality. This led to the 
suppression and sever controls of female sexuality in Western patriarchal societies.


But returning to Atlantis, gradually over thousands of years the androgynic upper class 

became corrupted. Not only did they create thought-forms of humanoids without souls just 
for work and entertainment or pleasure, but also ever more of the androgynic Sons of God 

were attracted by the Daughters of Man and seduced to take part in conventional sexual 
activity. All this caused the androgynes to lose their power of materialising thought forms, 

and with this also their life-spans began to shorten to that of the Belials, probably similar to 
our present life-span.

This time is also called the "dividing of the sexes", a time when many or most of the 

androgynes in their composition of sex hormones became either fully male or female. 
Instead of the androgynes guiding the Belials to end the karmic need for reincarnation, the 

Belials dragged most of the androgynes into karmic reincarnation. This means that the 
Amilius mission had failed.

Another big event at this time was the creation of the Adamic Races or modern humans. 
This supposedly happened simultaneously in five different places. The white race 

manifested between southern Europe and Persia, the black race in upper Africa, the brown 
race in Lemuria and the Andes, the red race in Atlantis, and the yellow race in what is now 

the Gobi Desert.

In Cayce's timeline Mu/Lemuria began about 12 million years ago, Atlantis about 212,000 
years ago, and Amilius/Lilith incarnated 108,000 years ago. There were apparently several 

Great Floods, possibly associated with the breakup of Mu and Atlantis. One happened about 
24,000 years ago. Cayce even gave a reading for a woman who supposedly was at that time 

on Noah's ark. He mentioned that the next major destruction would not again be by water 
but rather by fire.

The present Adam-Eve human form or the fourth root race body was created in the second 

Garden of Eden about 12 to 14,000 years ago and possibly just after another great flood and 
the final destruction of Atlantis. Apparently a root race body is not so much defined by 

external appearances but rather by the functioning of our energy bodies and chakra 

According to many legends, scriptures and psychic channels powerful spiritual entities, such 

as the god Yahweh and the extraterrestrial Anunnaki or Annunaki have changed the human 
makeup through sexual and genetic manipulations. From time to time high spiritual entities,


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