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These enlightened soul groups or "Children of One" built temples to purify the planet and 

remove the animal influences from contaminated bodies, but they were constantly harassed 
and attacked by the physically stronger "Children of Darkness", presumably still in ape-like 

bodies. Eventually warlike conditions increasingly led to catastrophic earth changes and the 
break-up of the continent of Mu into many groups of small islands.

This led to the mass migration of large groups of Lemurian androgynes, for instance 

becoming the mysterious cliff-dwellers in Arizona and New Mexico, or in Peru becoming the 
predecessors of the Incas. Others ventured into the Indochina areas and became scattered 

around the Pacific Islands, or in Mexico and Guatemala probably becoming the forerunners 
of the Olmecs.


To help the still trapped souls other guardian souls were now creating a more appropriate 

biological form, and within a relatively short time they transformed a species of ape into a 
human-like shape. These earliest humans appeared in Lemuria (Eastern Pacific) but 

apparently were not yet fully densified or materialised.

These ape-men became gradually fully human in the following Atlantean period which 
started about 200,000 years ago. About 100,000 years ago a Christ or Buddha soul led a 

large group of highly evolved souls to incarnate in Atlantis in another rescue mission. Like all 
previous incarnations of highly evolved beings they were androgynes and propagated by 

creating materialised thought forms which could then be inhabited by souls and used just like 
sexually produced bodies.

These thought-form bodies were also androgynic. Here I need to explain the meaning of 

androgyny. In conventional terms the word androgynous is used to describe plants, animals 
and humans with organs and characteristics of both sexes, such humans are also called 

Souls and higher spirit entities are sexually balanced or androgynic but when incarnating in a 

thought-form can choose to manifest either in a normal male or a female body without losing 
the balance of their sexual energies. Therefore I make a distinction between hermaphrodites 

as being androgynous, and souls or androgynes who are androgynic.

Many or most of the ancient scriptures portray the early or original and more god-like 
humans as being androgynic, so the Indian Vedas and Upanishad, the Persian Avesta (a 

collection of sacred texts of Zoroastrianism), the Mithtras cult, Chaldean-Assyrian sources, 
the Nordic Edda, Germanic legends and sagas, as well as Gnostic writings.

Amilius and Lilith

The Atlantean group of androgynes were highly spiritual and powerful. They were the ruling 

class of Atlantis and promoted the "Law of One", a spiritual doctrine that says we are all one, 
equal parts of the creator. In contrast to these "Children of the Law of One" was the other 

group, the sexually divided humans who had evolved from ape-bodies. They were called the 
"Sons of Belial" or the Belial group, and were the often rebellious lower or working class in 


The androgynes had very long lives, extending for hundreds and initially possibly for 
thousands of years. The leader of the Atlantean androgynes was the Amilius-Lilith twin-soul 

which eventually split into the separated but still androgynic Amilius and Lilith. According to 
Cayce this split took 84 years to complete. This was a new and revolutionary development in 

incarnation which was quickly copied by other souls. It led to individualisation and the new 
development of companionship, family and home, while before this they lived in groups and 

community structures.

In some scriptures and also by Edgar Cayce Amilius is regarded as being the first Adam and 
Lilith as the first Eve. The Amilius-Lilith split is seen as the time of the first Garden of Eden, 

108,000 years ago, and as the start of the third root race. According to Cayce the same high


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