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Chapter 1


There are several well-known methods of natural healing that can make us look and feel 

younger, such as fasting and raw-food diets. These work within our normal lifespan with an 
upper limit of about 120 years. Basically such rejuvenation only reverses pre-mature aging.

But there are strong indications that real long-term rejuvenation is possible with exceptionally 

long life-spans in non-aging bodies. The evidence for this comes generally from psychic 
sources and religious or spiritual scriptures, but even in modern times we have the case of 

Chinese Tao master Li Ching-Yuen who died in 1933 at the reported age of 256 years 
( Also some other Tao and yoga masters 

reputedly had exceptionally long lives.

However, my main interest is in the readings of Edgar Cayce, the writings of Rudolf Steiner, 
the Gnostic Gospels, Theosophy, and the Ra channelling of the Law of One, as I regard 

these as the most reliable sources. Not only do they reveal a common thread of the spiritual 
history of human evolution but also the appropriate solution for our present time.

The following is a synthesis of these and other sources as I understand the spiritual history 

of humanity. I give some references at the end of each chapter.


Originally the souls associated with our planet were just spirit entities that assisted in the 
evolution of plant and animal life, and also experimented with creating new astral forms and 

densifying them into materialisation. Apparently this is how entirely new species come into 
being, but once fully materialised they follow largely the rules of Darwinian evolution.

Some souls also wanted to experience how it feels to be an animal, and especially what 

sexual activity feels like. Eventually increasing numbers of souls became trapped in animal 
bodies due to strong emotions caused by sexual activity which then generated karma.

Karma, as a law of cause and effect, means that an imbalance caused at a certain level of 

existence, such as the physical, astral/emotional or mental level, must also be balanced 
again at that same level. Therefore these souls had to reincarnate again and again in animal 

bodies, and they became ever deeper trapped in karmic debt. With increasing desires for 
sensual gratification these trapped souls completely lost their sense of Oneness and 

connection with spiritual values.

Lemuria or Mu

According to Cayce the start of our spiritual history was about 12 million years ago on a land 
mass in the Pacific called Lemuria or sometimes shortened to Mu. Groups of highly evolved 

souls decided to descend closer towards matter as a guiding light to show the "fallen angels" 
a path to return to heaven. While remaining in the formless realms and acting like guardian 

angels they projected their minds into whatever forms were available, resulting in half 
human, half animal or plant bodies, called the first "root race." These intermingled forms 

existed for about 2 million years but were not fully densified and still rather ethereal.

As this did not work, about 10 million years ago other soul groups formed more sophisticated 
bodies that had human-like shape but were more comparable to focused fields of energy, 

light, and thought rather than flesh and bone. This was then the second root race. In time 
their bodies became more structured and denser. What was originally only a thought-form 

was now crystallizing into matter, they became "real."


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