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This book offers not only a rejuvenation program but also the possibility of timeless living in a 
non-aging body. Of course this is impossible in our conventional understanding and 

experience. But according to psychic investigators such as Edgar Cayce and Rudolf Steiner, 
and channelled information such as the Law of One by Ra, this was possible in the past, and 

will be a natural condition at our next higher level of consciousness. Also Chinese Tao 
masters reportedly were able to prevent aging. As it turns out, closer examination shows that 

the basic operating principles in all of these cases are the same!

Perhaps consciousness is not simply a by-product of matter as science believes but it is the 
other way around, that matter is a product of consciousness. This means the more we 

advance in consciousness the more we can use our mind to influence matter, and with this 
our body. Commonly such advance in consciousness is called 'spiritual growth'. Indeed, the 

mentioned examples of exceptionally long life were usually associated with a high level of 
spirituality. This suggests that real rejuvenation to our optimal condition and subsequent 

non-aging cannot be achieved with healthy living and healing alone, but rather are by- 
products of a certain stage of our spiritual evolution.

Normally spiritual development is very slow, and not much seems to happen even after long 

periods of meditation. But there is also a fast track as explained in this book. It is based on 
working with (non-physical) energies, feelings and emotions. The key word is 'balancing'. 

Our lower levels of energies and emotions need to be balanced so that the next higher 
spiritual level based on the heart centre can open up. This will in time also lead to a new 

society based on compassion and cooperation. To get the full rejuvenation benefit of this 
program it should be combined with the Health Improvement Program presented in Towards 

Radiant Health.

I offer this program from my experience and understanding, and I believe that with sufficient 
effort everyone using it will benefit. However, this is entirely experimental, and you may 

develop your own individual method or even find a better way.



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