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understanding of the teachings of Jesus many holy men have been living more or less naked 

in the desert either alone or with their holy virgins. Accordingly, the agapetae were 
sometimes derisively called ̳unclad virtues‘ or having ̳sun-clad power of chastity‘.

The Sacrament of the Bridal Chamber

Because the Church was so vigilant in destroying all dissident views and heretical 

documents, we can only infer the details of the sacrament of the bridal chamber and its 
relationship to the phenomenon of the agapetae. Our problem is to piece together the 

original teachings to come to an understanding of how Jesus may have taught this ritual. In 
this I regard the Gnostic Gospels as the most persuasive sources, and of these the Gospel 

of Philip has by far the most detailed information.

The sacrament of the bridal chamber is obviously meant to reverse the male-female split and 
make us energetically and emotionally whole again. From the Gospel of Philip we can see 

some important elements in this sacrament. According to Gnostic philosophy it is clear that 
saying 79 actually means that the bridal chamber is not for sex as performed by animals, 

meaning reproductive or lustful sex. Instead, saying 89 indicates that it is a restful union, in 
various translations called a pure embrace or undefiled intercourse.

Associated with it is anointing. Commonly the oil used for anointing is called the chrism. This 

consists of consecrated olive oil prepared with various fragrances, such as balsam or myrrh. 
During anointing the oil may be applied to the forehead and other parts of the body. 

However, in this gospel chrism is equated with ―receiving the light‖.
We see this in saying 101. The chain of anointing from Jesus to the apostles and their 

disciples is clearly meant as transmitting ―the light‖. Also in 81) it says: ‖The light is the 

chrism‖ (therefore it is not the oil that is used as the chrism). The crucial explanation is in 
saying 71: ―The fire is the Chrism, the light is the fire. I do not speak of this fire that has no 

form, but rather the other one— whose form is white and which is made of beautiful light and 
which bestows splendor.‖

This indicates to me that the beautiful white light is the halo of the saint, or in other words the 
opened crown chakra which may more easily be seen in dim light. Participants in this 

sacrament first received the chrism to ―light the fire‖, and then used the sacramental male- 

female union to keep the crown chakra permanently activated or open, and with this the 
whole chakra system of the participants.

Emotional imperfections or imbalances show up as colors in our aura while white light 
indicates perfection. Each chakra has a different rainbow color from red at the base to violet 

at the top. A clairvoyant may see these different colors. However, when all the chakras are 
fully opened and vibrating in harmony with each other, then they appear as a unified field of 

white light. Therefore the sacrament is intended to focus our emotions on our highest ideals 
and so clothe us in white light.

Saying 72 tells us on which image we need to focus in the bridal chamber to become clothed 

in white light: ―It is certainly necessary to be born again through the image. Which one? 
Resurrection.‖ We need to focus on the image of the resurrection. What is this image? It is 

the image of our perfected spirit body clothed in white light. We may imagine this as a 
sphere of brilliant white light which makes it difficult to discern the features of the figure 

inside from which this white light originates.

Continued practice of this image was then associated with the development of a higher 
energy body, an immortal white light body that was able to ascend into the kingdom of 

heaven without being seen. This is indicated by saying 112. Those who are not able to see 
and seize him (or his body) are the rulers of the different levels of the astral world through 

which the ascending soul must pass on its way to the kingdom. The highest level of the 
astral world is regarded as the Seventh Heaven, and the kingdom is just above that at what 

in New Age is regarded as the mental density level and the home of the ascended master.

Saying 113 indicates that those who are not completely perfected when leaving their human 
body will get stuck in the astral world. Several of the Gnostic Gospels give detailed


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