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The saying of the Buddha ―Enlightenment is in the vagina" (in Sanscrit ―Buddhatvam 

Yosityonisamasritam‖) points to the necessity of uniting male and female energies for 
ultimate success. The same approach is used in the higher tantric methods to reunite their 

Shiva and Shakti natures.

For alchemists, carrying on the tradition of the Gnostics, the 'completed work' has recreated 
the Divine Androgyne. A 20-picture series of wood carvings from 1550 AD of the alchemical 

and Rosicrucian tradition has been discovered. It shows an ethereal spirit being emerging 
from a long and largely motionless male-female union which re-creates the divine 

androgyne. The last picture shows the risen Christ.

Glorian Publishing promotes the teachings of the late Samael Aun Weor. It has released a 
75-minute documentary DVD on the mysteries of sacred sexuality. This shows the symbols 

and parallels in the traditions of the Kabala, Alchemists, Tantra, Mayan carvings, Tibetan 
Buddhism, Christian Gospels, and many others ( We see that the 

central aspect of all these teachings is the original male-female split that needs to be 
reversed in order to return to our ultimate spiritual condition.


Early Christian leaders have written about the symbolism of nakedness as a sign of 

innocence and perfection. This comes from the central teaching of Jesus that we must 
become again sexually innocent like little children to recreate the conditions between the 

sexes as they were between Adam and Eve before the ―fall‖.
In 36) of the Gospel of Thomas Jesus said, "Do not be concerned .. about what you will 

wear." And in 37: "When you disrobe without being ashamed and take up your garments and 

place them under your feet like little children and tread on them, then will you see the son of 
the living one, and you will not be afraid." The idea behind these sayings of Jesus is 

obviously that Adam and Eve were not ashamed of their bodies while they were still pure 
and innocent like little children, and that we need to become so again before we can enter 

the kingdom. To the pure everything is pure, even their bodies and sexual organs and 

For the early Christians nakedness and holy men living together in lust-free purity with their 

virgins was a recreation of the condition of Adam and Eve in paradise before the ―fall‖. The 
fall consisted of eating from the tree of knowledge. ―Knowledge‖ referred to procreative 

sexuality. In biblical terms to know a woman meant to know her sexually. There are 
countless references to this in the bible. Therefore, the fall means that the descending spirit 

entities became aware of duality and with this of good and evil when they started to have 
orgasmic and procreative sex. Accordingly, the aim of Jesus was to reverse duality by 

encouraging men and women to live together in holy innocence as before the fall. This then 
created the right condition for ascending back into the kingdom.

Here are some of the sayings in the Gospel of Philip to show this point:

76) ―In the days when Eve was within Adam, there had been no death. When she was 
separated from him, death came to be. If she again enters and he receives her to him, death 

shall no longer be.‖

86) ―If the woman had not separated from the man, she should not die with the man. His 
separation became the beginning of death. Because of this, Christ came to repair the 

separation, which was from the beginning, and again unite the two, and to give life to those 
who died as a result of the separation, and unite them.‖

90) ―Adam came into being from two virgins— from the Spirit and from the virgin earth. 

Therefore Christ was begotten from a virgin, so that the fall which occurred in the beginning 
shall be rectified.‖ This saying also illustrates the importance of symbolism in early religious 


Accordingly, reuniting the sexes in order to return to immortality was the central task of 
Jesus, and nakedness was a symbol of innocence and purity of spirit. Following this


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