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some of the energy flow out from the tips of the fingers and then move up the outside of the 

arms to reconnect with the microcosmic orbit where you left it.

When you can readily feel the circulating energy and the various centres on its path, you can 
sometimes use a short form to energize and centre yourself quickly. Imagine the energy 

entering the top of the head and rapidly jumping down from one centre to the next to the 
base of the spine. Then with one inhalation lift the energy to the top of the head and with the 

next exhalation drop it again down the front to the base.

Continue to circulate it in this way until you feel energized. In a similar way, you can 
sometimes lead the energy very rapidly around the macrocosmic orbit with one long 

exhalation down the legs or arms and with the following slow inhalation back up again. In all 
of this energy work imagine and feel the energy moving below the surface of the skin.

Energizing the Body

In another method, imagine your spine to be a hollow tube. While inhaling, imagine the 

prana flowing up the tube to the top, and during the subsequent exhalation, let the energy 
again drop down the spinal tube to the base. Until you are well advanced in energy work, do 

not do more than ten such breathing cycles at any one time.
With all energy exercises involving the spine, try to keep it straight, either sitting up straight 

(but relaxed) or lying stretched out on the back. However, you can practice these and other 

energy exercises anywhere, anytime, such as when driving, waiting somewhere, walking, or 
doing housework.

Another recommended way of cultivating the inner energies is through slow movements 
while focusing on the sensations that the awakened energy flows may produce. This is done 

with exercises such as Tai Chi. However, you may not need to learn the structured Tai Chi 
sequence and can experiment with your own slow, improvised movements. Widespread, 

especially in China, is the practice of qigong. You draw energy into the body with a 
combination of breathing, movements, and guided imagery. This is especially effective if 

done in an energized outside area, such as standing barefoot on grass, in a park, at the 
beach, or in the mountains. There are many books and websites giving instructions in qigong

Finally, you can directly energize a weak or diseased organ or part of the body by feeling or 

breathing into it. If you keep your attention focused on a particular area of your body, then 
you can feel it becoming warm and possibly tingling after some time. You can then use 

imagery to intensify the warmth or tingling. Also, imagine that your breath or the prana from 
your breath flows into this area and accelerates its healing. Even without a specific problem, 

you can focus on one organ after another and in this way energize the whole body.

Once you can easily feel the warmth in a chosen target area, you can develop a sequence 
by energizing first the chakras, starting with the crown chakra, then circulate the energy a 

few times, and finally energize individual organs or areas of the body. Also, during your daily 
activities try to remain aware of the energies in various parts of your body. The best and 

safest way to develop the chakra system is by living appropriately in all life situations with a 
strong flow of a variety of positive feelings.


NASA Report: Scientists Report an Odd Twist Near Milky Way Center.

Excellent books on energy healing, energy bodies, and the chakra systems are ―Hands of 
Light‖ and ―Light Emerging‖, by Barbara Ann Brennan. At the time of writing "Hands of Light" 

is free to downloaded from Brennan - Hands of Light 
- Guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field.pdf

For detailed instructions on exercises to accumulate prana and use it for healing, see: and also books by Mantak Chia, such as ―Awaken Healing Light of 
the Tao‖.



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