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sunny day. However, most of the time, you will be doing this exercise in far less than ideal 

conditions. Nevertheless, persevere with it while trying to maximize the Prana in your inhaled 
air by opening windows, exercising on a sunny day, and minimizing negative elements, such 

as electromagnetic forces and synthetics in your room.

In contrast to accumulating Prana through breathing, there is no such restriction when taking 
in energy through the top of the head, as this comes from another dimensional level. But as 

both energies have different frequencies and complement each other, it is beneficial to work 
with both methods.

Circulating the Energy

A Chinese exercise to increase our energy and wellbeing involves circulating life-force in 

what is called the ―microcosmic orbit.‖ Start by accumulating energy either through the crown 
centre or by condensing breath energy and lead it into the abdomen.

When you have a good feeling sensation of the energy in the abdomen, imagine this 

sensation flowing into the pubic centre. Intensify the sensation until you can feel the pubic 
chakra, then let the energy flow into the perineum and the base of the spine. Feel the energy 

there in any way you can; you may envision it having a red colour in this area.
Now imagine a valve opening at the tailbone and, with each inhalation, lift part of the energy 

to a point in the spine behind the pubic centre. When you can feel it well, be it as pressure, 

warmth, tingling, or any other sensations, lift the energy with your breath to a point behind 
the solar plexus centre. If you find that you can lift the energy better during exhalations or by 

paying no attention to the breath at all, that is fine as well; experiment and use the method 
that works best for you.

However, if you experience unusual heat or any discomfort while trying to lift the energy up 
the spine, then stop immediately or imagine that a cool energy flows downwards. The idea is 

to increase the flow of energies gradually, but not to open the floodgate of the Kundalini 
energy (concentrated life-force) at the base of the spine. That might be likened to feeding 

high-voltage power into a system wired for low voltage.

As you continue to lift the energy to the back of the heart centre and then to the back of the 
neck, imagine that your spine is a straight hollow tube through which the energy flows 

following your intentions. Next concentrate the energy at the back of the head and finally at 
the top of the head. Reinforce it with the energy entering the top of the head and then lead it 

down into the forehead centre. It helps during the whole exercise, but especially at this time, 
to touch the roof of the mouth with the tip of the tongue. This makes it easier for the energy 

to flow farther down into the blue throat centre and then into the heart centre.

To complete the exercise, lead the energy farther down into the natural storage area for 
excess energy behind the navel. Imagine that it flows towards the centre of a spiral where it 

is condensed and stored as a ball of energy in the abdomen, ready for future use. When 
needed, this energy can be reactivated with your intention and used for healing yourself or 

others by directing it with your mind where you want it to go. It can also be used for tasks 
with high-energy requirements and is the same energy that masters of the martial arts aim to 

cultivate and use.

In addition to circulating the energy in this ―microcosmic orbit,‖ you can sometimes include 
the extremities in a ―macrocosmic orbit‖ or ―the large heavenly cycle.‖ After circulating 

several times in the microcosmic orbit, stop at the perineum and divert the energy down the 
back of the legs. Pause at the back of the knees and try to feel the two smaller energy 

vortexes there. Then continue guiding the energy down the back of the calves and around 
the outer ankles. Feel another set of minor chakras in the centre of the soles of your feet, 

and finally lead the energy up again along the insides of the legs. Circle around the knees 
and back to the perineum to continue the microcosmic orbit.

At the top of the back, between the shoulder blades, divide the energy again and lead it 

under the armpits and down the inside of the arms. Focus for a moment on the inside of the 
elbows, then go to the middle of the palms and feel another pair of minor chakras there. Let


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