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Instead of getting married to start a family, young couples were instructed to lie together in a 

holy union while focusing on an image. The women were expected to keep their virginity. 
After the death of Jesus the apostles kept teaching this method. Valentinus, a prominent 

Christian leader in the second century, who routinely performed the ceremony of the bridal 
chamber, claimed to have been personally initiated by a disciple of the apostle Paul who 

taught him secret wisdom that Paul had taught privately to his inner circle. Paul would have 
been taught by other apostles as he did not know Jesus personally.

This can even be found in the New Testament. In his first letter to the Corinthians (7:36-38) 

Paul clearly states that it was accepted and preferred practice for a Christian man to live with 
his virgin. If she became pregnant, it was not a sin, and it was then fine to marry. However, 

the preferred way was for them not to marry but just live together as a holy couple.

This practice was so widespread that some "church fathers" and desert ascetics described it 
as a plague. These holy virgins were called "agapetae". Agape is Greek and defined as 

spiritual, selfless or universal love. Holy virgins reputedly did not get old like other women 
but maintained their youthful appearance.

It took many centuries before the Holy Roman Church could get this movement under 

control and replace it with asceticism and monasticism, except for the clergy who could live 
with their subintroductae or housekeepers. This was the beginning of the suppression of 

sexuality in Christian societies, the consequences of which are still with us at present.

Balancing our Emotions
We create our own emotional world by selecting the focus of our interest and attention, and 

the way how we react to the issues that affect us. We are most strongly affected by close 

relationships and sexual issues but also by working conditions and business affairs. Our 
emotions may fluctuate widely between hope, desire, irritation, resentment, despair, anger, 

hate, or generally between like and dislike. We may hopelessly fall in love with someone, 
and sometime later fall out of love again.

With these kinds of unstable emotions we will not be able to learn feeling compassion and 
unconditional love to help us opening the heart centre. Therefore, to get to the next level and 

experience higher spiritual emotions, we need to get our lower emotions under control. The 

first and most important step is a desire to do so.
Then we change the focus of our attention. Instead of focusing on what we do not like, such 

as problems in relationships, at work, in business, we focus on finding solutions that are fair 
to all. Instead of opting for entertainment we may choose quiet times of being alone in 

nature, or learning to meditate. Instead of getting angry with someone or something we try to 
understand and forgive.

Forgiving actually is the greatest healer. Its main purpose and effect is not to let the other 

one get off for free, but rather to heal our own emotions. As a side-effect for later it also 
breaks the chain of karma linking us to that other person or event. As an added incentive for 

paying attention to your feelings and emotions you may also realise that every negative 
thought, feeling and emotion, such as worry, resentment, etc increases your rate of aging 

while every positive thought, feeling and emotion, such as joy or heart-felt love has a 
rejuvenating effect.

Most people will not be interested to change, to leave the relationship dramas and other 

dramas of their world in exchange for a quiet live focused on harmony, unconditional love 
and compassion. No problem, I wrote this account only for the few who are interested.

Chakra Balancing

Sooner or later interested individuals need to start with meditation and energy work. There 

are many different kinds, and the definitions vary greatly. I use the term meditation for stilling 
the mind and perhaps focusing on a single point, such as the forehead or the heart centre, 

and energy work for using the breath to move breath energy or sexual energy to different 
parts of the body. More about that later. Here I just want to mention balancing chakras.


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