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There is a strong link between high testosterone levels and levels of violence in a society. 

However, it is not the actual level of testosterone that is the problem, but its balance with 
estrogen. Androgynes have high levels of both hormones with balanced emotions and 

apparently very long lives. This means that to keep our emotions balanced we also need to 
keep our hormones balanced by restricting or avoiding orgasms.

However, this can cause other problems. Sexual contact seems to be essential to keep us 

happy in a close relationship, and letting our sex hormones go to sleep, especially with 
advancing age, means that instead of rejuvenating, we will be fast getting old. Therefore a 

different type of sexual activity is required to keep our emotions balanced and our sex 
hormones active.

Edgar Cayce cryptically stated in one of his readings that by purifying our sexual forces we 

can regenerate all of our endocrine glands or our hormonal system, and with this rejuvenate 
the body. How do we purify our sexual forces? I believe that Jesus of Nazareth has given us 

the answer. I have written about this in detail in The Saint and his Virgin - Sacred Sexuality 
in Early Christianity and the Inner Teachings of Jesus. More about this below.

Here some other statements from Cayce readings:

 To understand mankind's current predicament we should look at the reproductive 

glands, not the pituitary master gland.

 The more we choose self-gratification, the more we have to 'meet' the negative 
effects of passion on our endocrine system and behaviour, both within ourselves and 

in successive generations.

 Our system is activated by anger, fear, joy, etc. through glandular secretions, which 
flow into the whole system. Therefore the endocrine system is the link between our 

emotions and our physical bodies in a two-way relationship. The endocrine system 
even links with the soul.

 The endocrine system is the way that spiritual choices or their opposites show up in 

the body. It is also the means by which our bodies register whether we use or misuse 
our reproductive force, and is the reason that sexual expression and spiritual growth 

or regression are linked.

Although the readings often emphasize the need to choose service over selfishness in 
general, they say that the way we use sex is at the root of our wrong thinking.

Other sources state that as a result of changes in our sexuality we can expect our thymus to 

re-grow again, and with this greatly strengthen our immune system, lengthen our life-span, 
and we will no longer overpopulate the planet. The context for this is that our thymus gland 

tends to shrink as we become sexually active.

The Gnostic Gospels

According to the Gnostic Gospels the main mission of Jesus was to provide an escape route 
for advanced souls from the grindstone of karmic reincarnation. This is the same reason that 

caused the Amilius mission, and according to some sources Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and 
Amilius were all manifestations of the same high spiritual entity.

We saw earlier that the main cause for the karmic entanglement of souls in human bodies 

was perceived to be sexual activity, and especially the strong and uncontrolled emotions 
associated with it. The potential dangers caused by strongly aggressive emotions are the 

likely reason why most societies and religions try to keep sexuality tightly controlled.

According to the Gnostic Gospels Jesus taught five steps or ceremonies for freeing the soul 
from incarnation so that it could return to the Father in Heaven rather that being caught up in 

the astral planes after death. These steps are baptism, anointing, Eucharist, redemption, and 
bridal chamber. These are like five stages of initiation. The highest of these is the ceremony 

of the bridal chamber, and is most clearly described in the Gospel of Philip.


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