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Chapter 2


The basic idea of this book is that humans who operate at the fourth density can renew their 

body indefinitely and maintain a youthful appearance. Diseases do no longer exist. However, 
this does not mean living forever, rather that the soul now decides how long it wants to keep 

a body and how it wants to leave it, rather than being forced out prematurely as it happens in 
our present third density.

The key to getting to the next level and operating in the fourth density is "balance". We need 

to improve and balance the energy flows in our chakras and in the acupuncture meridians, 
and we need to balance our hormones and emotions.

We may say that the lower densities cause such strong emotional fluctuations that they 

drown out the more delicate feelings and emotions of the heart centre. We need to quieten 
down and learn to listen. Here is an overview of what is involved.

Balancing the Etheric Level

The etheric level has the strongest energies affecting our biological body. These need to be 

in reasonable balance or the body will disintegrate. Most important are the electric forces. 
Unbalanced polarities will show up as the body becoming too acid or too alkaline. If it is too 

acid we develop inflammations and become oversensitive to pain, emotions and psychic 
influences. The opposite happens when we are too alkaline. To work properly at the 

emotional level it is essential that we keep our body in a reasonable acid-alkaline balance or 
at an appropriate pH level.

We will not make much progress if we are over-emotional or with greatly fluctuating 

emotions, or if we are non-feeling, unemotional. The main causes of overacidity at present 
are Candida overgrowth as commonly caused by antibiotics, and junk food, and especially 

the combination of both. The main cause of being too alkaline is calcification with advancing 

Candida and related microbes damage the intestinal wall, causing leaky gut syndrome. This 

not only causes nutritional deficiencies and low energy, but also allergies, and allows fungal 
toxins to accumulate in the brain. This is the main underlying cause of mental and emotional 

diseases and instability, including fragile emotions, the autism-hyperactivity spectrum, 
depression, bipolar disease, schizophrenia, and can allow negative astral entities to gain 

control over the individual. Therefore it is obvious that emotions cannot be balanced unless 
Candida and related microbes are kept under control.

Another important aspect is the energy flow in our acupuncture meridians. This depends 

largely on the health of the organs or body systems related to the various meridians, and to 
muscle tensions, scar tissues and other obstructions in the course of meridians. Balancing 

meridian flows, body acidity and other nutritional aspects as well as keeping microbes under 
control for successful emotional and chakra work is explained in Towards Radiant Health.

Balancing the Life-force Level

For many this will be the most challenging aspect because it involves working with sexual 

energy. Next to Candida, sexual energy has the strongest influence on our emotions. While 
it can generate powerful uplifting feelings, in our society it is also the cause of the greatest 


The main reason for the strong emotional influence of orgasmic sexual activity is its effect on 
dopamine, the hormone of addiction that induces us to seek reward and pleasure. This also 

affects other hormones and can cause emotional instability for up to two weeks after 
orgasm. I have written in more detail about this in Healing with Sex.


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