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Thao 5

‘They are liberated from their physical bodies and are now able to 

continue their cycle, like every living being, according to the normal process.’

‘So if I understand correctly, this parallel universe is a curse - a kind of hell or 


‘I didn’t realise you were religious!’
‘I just make this comparison to show you that I am trying to understand,’ I 

replied, wondering how she could know whether or not I was religious.

‘I know, Michel, I was only teasing. You were right in explaining it as a kind of 

purgatory but, of course, this is quite accidental. In fact, this is one of several 

accidents of nature. An albino is an accident, and a four-leafed clover can also be 

considered as an accident. Your appendix is just as much an accident. Your 

doctors still wonder what use it could possibly have in your body. The answer - 

no use whatsoever. Now usually, in nature, everything has a precise reason for 

existing - that’s why I list the appendix among the natural ‘accidents’.
‘People living in this universe suffer neither physically or morally. For example, 

if I hit you, you would feel no pain, but if the blows were strong enough, 

although without pain, you could still die from them. This might be difficult to 

comprehend, but it is so. Those existing here know nothing of what I have just 

explained to you, and it is fortunate because they would be tempted to commit 

suicide - which, even here, is not a solution.’

‘What do they eat?’

‘They don’t eat, nor do they drink, because they don’t feel the need to. Here, 

remember, time has stopped - those dead won’t even rot.’

‘But that’s terrible! In all, the greatest service that one can render these people 
would be to kill them!’

‘You raise an important point there. Effectively it would be one of two 


‘What is the other?’

‘To send them back where they came from - but that would pose great 

problems. Because we are able to make use of the warp, we could return many of 

them to your universe, and thus liberate [1] them, but I’m sure you are aware of 

the enormous problems that would create for the majority of these people. Here, 

as I have already said, you have people, who have been here for thousands of 
years. What would happen if they found themselves back in the universe they left 

so long ago?’

‘They might go insane. In all, there is nothing to do.’ She smiled gently at my 


‘You are certainly the man of action we require, Michel, but beware of jumping 

to conclusions - you have much more to see.’

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