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4 Thiaoouba Prophecy

‘You will find out later how I know,’ she replied enigmatically.

We were interrupted by the sudden appearance of a group of people so bizarre 

that again, I wondered if this was all a dream. About a dozen men, accompanied 

by what seemed to be a woman, emerged from behind a pile of rocks a hundred 
metres from where we were. The sight was even stranger, since these human 

beings appeared to have stepped out of the pages of prehistoric records. With the 

gait of gorillas, they brandished enormous clubs which modern man would not 

have been able to lift from the ground. These hideous creatures were coming 

straight for us, howling like wild beasts. I made a move to retreat, but my 

companion told me there was nothing to fear and that I should stay still. She put 

her hand on the buckle of her belt and turned so that she faced them.

I heard a series of small clicks and five of the strongest looking men fell to the 

ground, motionless. The rest of the group stopped cleanly and began moaning. 
They prostrated themselves before us.

I looked again at Thao. She stood like a statue, her face set. Her eyes were fixed 

on those people as though she was trying to hypnotise them. I later learned that 

she was giving orders by telepathy to the female of the group. Suddenly, this 

woman got up and began, it seemed to me, to issue orders in a guttural voice to 

the others. They then helped remove the bodies, carrying them on their backs to 

the pile of rocks mentioned earlier.

‘What are they doing?’ I asked.

‘They will cover their dead with stones.’

‘Did you kill them?’
‘I had to.’

‘What do you mean? Were we really in danger?’

‘Of course we were. These are people who have been here for ten or fifteen

thousand years - who knows? We don’t have time to establish that and besides, it 

is of no importance. Nevertheless, it illustrates well what I was explaining to you 

a few moments ago. These people passed into this universe at a certain time, and 

they have lived in that time ever since.’

‘It’s frightful!’

‘I agree. However it is part of natural, and therefore universal, law. Fur- 
thermore, they are dangerous because they behave more like wild beasts than 

human beings. Dialogue would not have been possible between them and us, just 

as it is not possible between them and most of the others living in this parallel 

universe. For one thing, they are unable to communicate; and for another, they, 

less than anyone, understand what has happened to them. We were in real danger 

and, if I do say so, I have done them a favour just now, of liberating them.’


‘Don’t look so shocked, Michel. You know quite well what I mean by that.

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