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Atomic destruction 17

‘Don’t apologise, I understand perfectly,’ I interrupted, ‘but I believe I have a 

problem - I can’t move. I’m sure something in me is disconnected.’

She smiled and put her hand just beside mine, undoubtedly operating a control 

mechanism, and immediately I was freed.

‘Again, a thousand apologies, Michel. I should have pointed out to you the spot 
where the control cell for the security harness is found. All the seats, beds or 

bunks are equipped with them, and they are automatically activated when 

occupied if there is the least possibility of danger. [2]

‘When the vessel arrives in a dangerous area, the three security computers cause 

the closing of the force fields, to use their proper name. When the danger has 

passed they automatically release them.

‘At the same time, if we do want to be released in a zone deemed dangerous, or 

even if we simply want to change position, we have only to pass a hand or just a 

finger in front of the cell and the force field is immediately neutralised. When we 
return to our seats, we will be automatically restrained again.

‘Now, I’m going to ask you to go and change - I’ll show you where. In the 

room, you will see an open trunk where you can put your clothes -in fact, all that 

you are wearing apart from the glasses. You’ll find a suit there, which you are to 

put on before meeting me back here.’

Thao bent down and taking my hand, she helped me up. I was really quite stiff. 

I went into the small room she had pointed out, undressed completely and put on 

the suit, which fitted me perfectly. This was surprising, given that, in spite of my 

178 centimetres in height, I was a dwarf compared with my hostesses.

A short time later, back in the cabin, Thao handed me something in the form of 
a bracelet, which was actually a pair of enormous glasses.

A little like motorcycle goggles, they were strongly tinted. At her request, I put 

them on, but to do so, I was obliged to remove my own glasses, as they would 

have been crushed by this larger pair. They fitted exactly into the shape of my eye 


‘A last precaution,’ she said.

Lifting her hand towards the partition, she in some way released a certain 

mechanism, for the intense light reappeared and I felt the intensity in spite of the 

strong glasses. I was again aware of the current of cool air.
The lights went out. The air current could no longer be felt, but Thao did not 

move, appearing to be waiting for something. Eventually a voice was heard and 

she removed my large tinted glasses. I replaced them with my own and she asked 

that I follow her. We took the same route as when I followed her in Astral body, 

and we found ourselves again, in the command room.

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