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Thao 13

Everyone seemed preoccupied: each knew exactly what to do and when to do 

it. We were stationary. The large panel projected an image of the centre of a 

town. The reader should understand that this large panel was in fact, no more 

than an immense television screen, projecting an image in relief so real, we could 

have been looking out the window of a tall building.
My attention turned to another smaller screen being monitored by two of my 

‘hostesses’. On this panel I could see our spacecraft, as I had already seen it in 

our parallel universe. As I watched, I was surprised to see, slightly below the 

middle of our vessel, a small sphere ejected, like an egg from a hen. Once 

outside, this sphere accelerated rapidly towards the planet below. As it 

disappeared from view, another sphere emerged in the same manner, and then a 

third. I noticed each sphere was being monitored on separate screens by different 

groups of astronauts.

The descent of the spheres could now be easily followed on the large panel. 
The distance should have made them invisible in quite a short time but they 

remained in sight and I deduced that the camera had to have an extraordinarily 

powerful ‘zoom’. Indeed, the effect of the zoom was so strong that the first 

sphere disappeared from the right of the panel and the second from the left. We 

could now only see the middle one and followed its descent to the ground quite 

clearly. It stopped in the centre of an immense square, situated among apartment 

buildings. There it hovered, as though suspended several metres from the 

ground. The other spheres were monitored in the same detail. One was above a 

river that flowed through the town, and the other hovered above a hill, near the 

Unexpectedly, the panel projected a new image. I could now distinctly see the 

doors of the apartment buildings, or rather, the doorways, for where doors should 

have been, were gaping openings.

I remember clearly that, until then, I had not realised how odd this town was...

Nothing had moved...

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