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12 Thiaoouba Prophecy

Their speed increased as they grew on the screen and finally exited from it. 

Their colours were often brilliant and extraordinarily beautiful, ranging from 

subtle tones to a blinding yellow, like the light from our sun.

I soon realised that these were the planets and suns among which we were 

navigating, and I was absolutely fascinated by their silent progression across the 
screen. I can’t say how long I had been watching them, when suddenly a strange 

sound filled the cabin - a sound which was soft and at the same time, insistent, 

and which was accompanied by many flashing lights.

The effect was immediate. The astronauts that had been talking with Thao now 

approached the control post and each took a seat that seemed to be personally 

assigned to her. Everyone’s eyes were fixed attentively on the screens.

Right in the middle of these large monitors, I began to distinguish an enormous 

mass that is difficult to describe. Let me say only that it was round in form and 

blue-grey in colour. It remained immobile in the centre of each screen.
In the room, all was silent. The general attention was focused on three 

astronauts in command of oblong-shaped pieces of equipment resembling in 

some ways, our computers.

Suddenly, covering a huge area of what I believed was a wall of the cabin I was 

stupefied to see an image of New York - no! That’s Sydney, I said to myself, and 

yet the bridge is different...was it even a bridge?

My surprise was such I had to ask Thao, at whose side I was standing. I had 

forgotten however, that I was no longer in my physical body and no one could hear 

me. I was able to hear Thao and others commenting on what they were seeing 

but, not understanding their language, it didn’t get me far. I was convinced 
though, that Thao had not lied to me and therefore we had well and truly left 

Earth behind. My mentor had explained we were travelling at several times the 

speed of light...and I had seen Saturn pass by and later, what I took to be planets 

and suns - so had we come back, and why?

Thao spoke aloud and in French, which caused all heads to turn in her 


‘Michel, we are stationed above the planet Ar̀mo X3 which is almost twice the 

size of planet Earth, and as you can see on the screen, quite similar to your 

‘I can’t explain at any length our current mission as I am required to participate 

in the operation, but I will do so later. To put you on the right track, I will tell 

you that our mission concerns atomic radiation such as you know on Earth’.

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