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6 Thiaoouba Prophecy

She put her hand on my shoulder, having to incline forward slightly to do so. 

Although I didn’t know it at the time, Thao measured 290 centimetres, 

exceptionally tall for a human being.

‘I see with my own eyes that we made the right choice in selecting you - 
you have an astute mind, but I cannot explain everything to you now, for two 



‘First, it is still too soon for such an explanation. By this, I mean that you must 

be instructed further on certain points before proceeding beyond.’

‘I understand - and second?’

‘The second reason is that they are waiting for us. We must leave.’

With a light touch, she turned me around. I followed her gaze and stared wide-

eyed with surprise. About 100 metres from us was an enormous sphere, from 
which emanated a bluish Aura. I later learned that it measured 70 metres in 

diameter. The light was not steady, but shimmered, resembling a heat haze when 

one looks from a distance at sand heated by the summer sun.

This enormous sphere ‘shimmered’ about ten metres from the ground. With no 

windows, no openings, no ladder, it appeared as smooth as the shell of an egg.

Thao signalled for me to follow her and we set out towards the machine. I 

remember that moment very well. During the short time we took in approaching 

the sphere, I was so excited that I lost control of my thoughts. A constant stream 

of images flashed through my mind, resembling a film in the ‘fast-forward’ mode. 

I saw myself relating this adventure to my family, and I saw again newspaper 
articles I had read on the subject of UFOs.

I remember a feeling of sadness sweep over me when I thought of my family 

whom I loved so much; I saw myself caught, as though in a trap, and it occurred 

to me that I might never see them again...

‘You have absolutely nothing to fear, Michel,’ said Thao. ‘Trust me. You will be 

reunited with your family very soon, and in good health.’

I believe my mouth fell open in surprise, triggering in Thao a melodious laugh, 

such as is rarely heard among us Earthlings. That was the second time she had 

read my thoughts; the first time I thought might have been a coincidence, but this 
time there could be no doubt.

When we arrived in close proximity to the sphere, Thao placed me in a position 

opposite her and about a metre’s distance away.

‘Do not touch me under any pretext, Michel, whatever happens. Under any 

pretext - do you understand?’

I was quite taken aback by this formal order, but I nodded.

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